When Kurt Dove hits the water this January he is going to attack it in 2 ways… slow and subtle. He will make sure the presentations he makes to the fish will be painfully slow for him.  Then he will know he is moving the bait slow enough for the fish to take it.

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What Are You Doing This January?

By Kurt Dove - BoatUS ANGLER Pro Staff

BoatUS ANGLER Pro Staff Member Kurt Dove holding a bass

When I hit the water this January I am going to attack it in 2 ways… slow and subtle.

I will make sure the presentations I make to the fish will be painfully slow to me.  Then I will know I am moving the bait slow enough for the fish to take it.  A bass’ body temperature will be low this time of year due to the water being so cold so their movements will be very slow as well.   I believe most fish don’t eat really big meals in the winter months either.  Because of that I will choose smaller and more subtle offerings.  Make certain your presentations are natural to the environmental conditions.  No animal in that cold water is moving very fast or acting overly aggressive.  For some proof to my analyzing of what bass will fall prey to this time of year I can tell you of a recent catch from Lake Fork, Texas.  A 15.02 lb. bass, yes a 15 lb. behemoth, was caught in 30 feet of water by a crappie fisherman vertically fishing a crappie jig.  What an awesome catch!  The proof is in the pudding… big baits are not always needed for big bass.

Now, when you’re invested in fishing to the point where it is your livelihood, this is the time of year you‘re working behind a desk and trying to find days to get out and hit the water!   It’s been a few weeks and it is making me stir crazy.  I started thinking about the little ways I am staying engaged while taking care of things at the office.  Then I realized I should pass along how I have stayed engaged because this it was most weekend anglers have to do all the time while working their 9 to 5!  SO here goes… I have been keeping up with all the BoatUS ANGLER Pro Staff blog entries these last few weeks - they have been sharing some great stories!

I have found myself getting the latest pro fishing news in two locations - www.bassfan.com and www.basszone.com. These two websites really give the independent goods when it comes to industry happenings and staying on top of what your favorite bass anglers are doing.  Of course there is no substitute for the sport of bass fishing when it comes to the competitive angler than the information provided at www.bassmaster.com. As students of the game we need to stay abreast of all the happenings so when we chat with our buddies we can speak knowledgeably.

I have also been sure to check out many podcasts on iTunes and I am fond of the one I helped co-host. Enjoy!

Tight Lines,
Kurt Dove

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