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Last week, we talked about the Seafood Watch program. We've always said that a part of our sport - and our passion - is bringing fish to the table, but we need to harvest responsibly. That is true even when we're not the ones doing the harvesting.

Yesterday, Seafood Watch released its new guidelines

A few of the updates: 

Coonstripe Shrimp, Northern Shrimp and Spot Prawns from Alaska were upgraded from "Good Alternative" to "Best Choice." 

Farmed Coho salmon from Chile were added to the list as a seafood choice to avoid. 

Several varieties of shrimp were added as good alternative or Best Choice. 
Like we said last week, if seafood is on the menu, select fish from a population that can support harvest.  Look for fish that is harvested from an environment that can support the population.  And look for fish that is harvested using methods that maintain the ecosystem. 

When we're fishing, that means practicing Selective Harvest. When we're shopping, the best way to know is to use the Seafood Watch App, , or order a Seafood Watch Pocket Guide. Want one of the pocket guides? Just email us and ask for one

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