Capt. Steve Chaconas reviews the latest fishing gadgets from 2012 including new baits, fishing reels, lure storage and more.

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Gadgets or Gizmos? March 2012

by Capt. Steve Chaconas, BoatUS ANGLER Pro Staff

B&C Rig Cylinder Build a shelf and fishing manufacturers will fill them with every color shape and size imaginable. Trouble is…do they catch fish or fishermen?

The hottest “lure” in bass fishing today is the Alabama Rig. A compilation of five wires with snaps for bait attachment. Great idea, but storage is a mess. Not anymore! Virginia fishing buddies Bill Haire and Chris Craft have teamed up to create the B&C RIG CYLINDER. The clear cylinder has snug fitting removable caps to allow the “rig” to be pushed through one end and removed from the other, making storage a snap! The guys also say you can store keys and other small items and it will float! Place orders at

Multi tools are handy, but one designed forGerber Multi-Tool fishermen from a company known for quality multi tools like Gerber is worth landing. Flik FISH multi-plier has workable and usable fishing tools! Pliers of course for hook removal, squeezing split shot or crushing barbs, but scissors that cut fishing line, including tough braided lines. You’d expect those, but a hook sharpener and “burr” remover make their point, keeping hooks sharp and ready for hooking into the big one. As you would expect, there are a bunch of other “implements” that lock into place, making them functional. One hand operation and it includes a nylon sheath. Visit

Line-Rite Rod Tags Line selection isn’t simple any more. There are three line types: mono, fluorocarbon, or braided. Each reel could contain differing line test, depending on the technique being applied. Keeping track isn’t easy, nor is it easy to tell by looking what is spooled. LR Innovations’ Line-Rite ROD TAGS take the guesswork out of line identification. Color-coded and numbered, RED (monofilament), BLUE (fluorocarbon) and GREEN stickers can be applied to visible areas for instant identification. This company also makes adhesive labels for tackle organization. Finding what you want when you want it puts more fish in the boat. Until now, labeling industry-standard 3700 Plano tackle storage boxes was done with either a marker or a label-making machine. Line-Rite TACKLE TAGS identify 38 types of lures for instant identification. Visit

Missile BaitsProfessional bass fishermen are known for endorsing fishing lures, or even designing a signature bait. Not often though does the pro angler design, manufacture and market his own product. BoatUS ANGLER BASSMASTER Elite Series pro angler John Crews has a lot of experience in lure design resulting in his SPRO Little John crankbaits. Now he’s taken to soft plastic designs, MISSILE baits. In this highly competitive marketplace, Crews has the edge. Years of fishing with different soft plastics, he has created his ideal baits in several lure classes. Other pros like Ish Monroe are endorsing his designs. As of now, his new and improved baits are a pitching bait (D BOMB), twin tail trailer (TWIN TURBO), twin tailed worm (TOMAHAWK 8.75) and a unique drop shot lure (DROP CLAW). Visit

Quantum EXO fishing reelAnd in this corner, weighing in at 5.9 ounces is one of the lightest fishing reels ever built! The Quantum EXO (exoskeletal design) might appear to be missing a few parts, but a strategically etched out design and a combo of aluminum and a lightweight composite combine for a frame stronger than others in the industry. The super free spool is perfect for long casts and rock solid hook sets along with smooth retrieve for all-day fishing. Size, weight and guts make this a reel for the serious angler. Visit

6th Sense Peg-X StopperA small item with a big grip is the 6th Sense Peg-X Stopper. These rubber “stops” will peg the heaviest weights for mat fishing and the smallest on 6-pound test for finesse fishing. Easy to install and they stay put! Visit

But, as you pull out the plastic to pay for your new stuff, remember, three axioms that come to mind…fishing lures don’t catch fish… fishermen catch fish…fishing lures catch fishermen. With every new season, comes a new “gadget or gizmo” and an angler eager to own one.

As my wife says, “fish until you drop!”

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