Fall Fishing Solitude

It's November and deer season has begun... my favorite time of year. Yet I have never been into the woods or turned in my rods and reels for bow and arrows... so why be so excited about the late fall if I don't hunt? Well that is an easy question to answer if you go on down and look at the ramp at your favorite lake and notice the absence of trucks and trailers in the parking lot.

Our lakes have so much less pressure this time of year and it is just awesome having the lake virtually all to yourself. That's why this is an awesome time of year to be on the water! I can get back into a dozen creeks and catch tons of fish and only see 1 or 2 boats all day. Everyone else is watching football and sitting in deer stands. Ahh... at least a part of paradise must be solitude.

There is one thing on a bass' mind this time of year... shad! Don't leave your spinnerbaits or crankbaits at home. You will need them to catch all the fish stacked up in the creeks. Bottom bouncing soft plastics don't play nearly as big a role for me in the fall as they did a few months ago in the summer. I key on the bait just like the bass.

Some of my favorite lures are rattle baits like the Ima Rock N Vibe and Optimum BLT swimbaits. Jerkbaits are great fall lures to target these creek bass as well. Squarebill crankbaits will be very productive in mimicking shad also.

I try to keep my lure profiles on the smaller side to target these fish that are gorging on the shad. That's because typically the bait is smaller this time of year after many were born throughout the spring and summer. Get out there and have fun enjoying the solitude and let me know if you are finding part of paradise... but more importantly the FISH!

Tight Lines!
Kurt Dodve

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