Prepping for the Next Season

If you live up north right now it's time to get mentally prepared for the 2012 fishing season because it's hard to stay on your game when ice is forming around the perimeter of your favorite lake. If you live down south like me, you should take a few days off from the water to think about next year, because it's coming soon! Or maybe it is already here... I'll be at the first 2012 BASS Southern Open Jan. 19-21!

One way I like to initially prepare for a new season is making sure I have all my logistics in place so I don't have to worry about those at the last minute. I can concentrate on the task at hand when all this stuff is completed... fishing! I like to run out to my local department store and get a 'fishing' calendar. Whether you fish tournaments or not the first thing I do is make sure I mark all the dates that have a full or new moon for the entire year. I know lunar tables are important to locating days that are typically good fishing activity and the new and full moons are always good for me.

Many of my repeat guide clients always book on the new and full moons throughout the year. I also want to be sure I know when those dates are reflected compared to my tournament outings. It is also good to be sure your team partners, boaters/co-anglers, buddies are committing to the tournaments or outing you are planning to fish. I like to contact them with specific dates that I will be traveling and line up lodging arrangements at my favorite hotels or start researching for a good place to stay if you haven't visited particular venues. Once I have all this information loaded into my 'fishing' calendar its time to start processing some lake and pattern information. This will give you a head start when the time comes to hit the water.

Most importantly, make sure you have your BoatUS ANGLER membership updated for this coming year. Leaving home without it is like leaving without your lifejacket

Tight Lines!
Kurt Dove

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