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Thumbnail photo of Mark Brumbaugh's From Farm To Fish

From catching to teaching, Mark Brumbaugh has done it all in the walleye world, especially the catching. Take a look inside his tacklebox.

Thumbnail photo of Stephen Browning's tacklebox tacklebox Browning Opens Up

Stephen Browning is a Bassmaster Elite Series angler who’s found recent success in Opens. Now the Arkansas bass pro shows what he throws. Take a look inside his tacklebox.

Thumbnail photo of Ott DeFoe on his modified bass boat Skimming The Top

At first glance DeFoe’s boat looks like any ordinary aluminum bass boat. Look underneath it and you’ll find a modified tunnel hull.

Thumbnail photo of Aaron Martens tacklebox The Natural

Known for drop-shotting, Aaron Martens has much more in his repertoire. Take a look inside his tacklebox.

Thumbnail photo of a bass boat with a shallow water anchoring device Pegging It

Powered shallow water anchoring devices are all the rage among anglers in freshwater and salt

Thumbnail photo of Jamey Caldwell with his electronics Bytes To Mega Bites

Angler goes online to map out tournament fishing strategy

Thumbnail photo of Denny Brauer's tacklebox The Jig Is Up

Known for flippin’, Brauer opens up on his go-to lures. Take a look inside Denny Brauer's tacklebox.

Thumbnail photo of outboard flushing Seaworthy: Outboard Flushing The Right Way

It sounds simple, but hang on! There’s a right and a wrong way to perform this essential task

Screen shot of the BoatUS Towing App Getting A Line On Apps

A rundown of the best fishing apps on the market.

Thumbnail photo of pro angler Shaw Grigsby Shaw of Splish-Splash

Shaw Grigsby is best known, at least in some worlds, as the king of sight fishing on the Bassmaster Elite Series. Take a look at what's in his tacklebox.

Thumbnail photo of Andy Poss Mimicry Is The Sincerest Form of Flattery

At last summer’s ICAST, a number of companies took the lead of Andy Poss and his original Alabama Rig.

Thumbnail photo of Brent Chapman fishing in a tournament The Answer Man - Brent Chapman's Tacklebox

From freezing in February through a blazing hot summer, Chapman had something for every situation

Thumbnail photo of a Jewel J-Lock Flipping Jig Shallow vs. Deep - The Best Summertime Lures

We surveyed the top Bassmaster Elite Series anglers to find out which summertime baits they don't leave home without. Read what they had to say.

Thumbnail photo of a crankbait fishing lure Pro-Bait Court

Elite pro anglers give their tips on using three hot lures: Alabama Rig, Square-billed Crankbaits and Jerkbaits.

Thumbnail photo of author Alan McGuckin holding up his catch and a hair jig and pork frog bait Cold-Water Jerkbaits

Tommy Biffle and Alan McGuckin show you how to fish your way around cold-water jerkbaits.

Thumbnail photo of pro angler twins Bryan and Greg Watts Watts Up, Bro?

Twins Bryan and Greg Watts share baits that propelled them to saltwater tournament success.