Thumbnail photo of Hunter Baughman on his BassCat "Normal, Nothing Else"

Busting jokes breaks the ice, make others know he’s comfortable with who he is and that he wants to be treated like everyone else. Baughman might say he’s limb-challenged, but that hasn’t stopped him from doing anything, including aspiring to fish professionally.

Thumbnail photo of two anglers bowfishing Shot In The Dark

Bridging the gap, bowfishing has strung a cord between hunting and fishing.

Thumbnail photo of Dave Mercer with a bass. Hey Dave, Get A Job!

When 40-year-old Dave Mercer says he’s never had a "real job" it’s hard to argue with him. Well, it’s always difficult to argue with the high-energy, high-volume Mercer. In this case, there’s not much to argue about. The facts of his life stand as proof.

Thumbnail photo of Chris Lane reeling in a bass. Fishy Footwork

Batman and Robin may have made "POW!" famous years ago, but Bassmater Pro Chris Lane has repurposed the exclamation for 21st century fishing.

Photo of Aaron Martens at a Bassmaster weigh-in Howell Sweet It Is

Prior to his come-frombehind victory in the 2014 Bassmaster Classic, Randy Howell was known as a utility player, someone who could fulfill any position on the field, but wasn’t known as a master of any particular spot.

Thumbnail photo of Ohio Wilife Office RT Stewart undercover Poachers Were My Prey

Undercover wildlife officer RT Stewart details Operation Cornerstone created to infiltrate and hook an Ohio fish poaching ring.

Thumbnail photo of Bassmaster Elite Series angler Rick Morris with the osprey that mistook his bait for a fish Crazy Catches

Anybody who’s wetted a line for any amount of time has reeled in something weird, and some things are just weirder than others.

Photo of Aaron Martens at a Bassmaster weigh-in The Mind Of Martens

It's the decisions he made that put him over the top and gave him the Bassmaster Angler of the Year title.

Photo of Tim Adams with a big haul of 10,000 pounds of buffalo fish One Man's Trash

Carp, drum, buffalo and other bottom feeders caught by the net load constitute treasure for some fishermen in northern waters

Photo of a truck and boat on a security camera Seaworthy: Avoiding Theft

Most boats are stolen while on their trailer; don’t make it easy for a thief to hook it up and take off.

Photo of angler Charlie Campbell The Spook Master

Bass fishing these still, pristine waters runs deep within Charlie Campbell’s psyche. He feels the creeks and rivers that feed these reservoirs coursing through his veins.

Photo of Denny Brauer at a fishing tournament weigh-in Denny Brauer: Still Very Much On The Radar

Twilight hardly quiet for retired bass fishing legend.

Photo of a fishing sign Signing In

Fishing signs can provide some valuable information, and some can just be fun. Here’s some we’ve come across that we thought were good enough to photograph.

Screen shot of the BoatUS Towing App Getting A Line On Apps

A rundown of the best fishing apps on the market.

Photo of pro angler Shaw Grigsby fishing in a tournament Bedding Bass Myth Busters

Two of tournament fishing’s best sight fishermen tell all about spawning bass.

Photo of Marianne Huskey with a walleye catch First Female of Fishing

Marianne Huskey started young, applied herself, climbed the walleye fishing circuit then broke the gender gap with an AOY title.

Photo of pro angler Cliff Pace fishing In Grand Fashion

Cold and calculating Cliff Pace warms up to capture the Bassmaster Classic in a nail-biter.

Photo of fishing guide Stan Gerzsenyi Why Be A Fishing Guide?

Stan Gerzsenyi has worked as a fishing guide for 25 years. Every day is a new day when chasing bass. And clients are like the prize inside a Cracker Jack box: You never know what you're going to get.

Photo of Mike Frenette holding a 50 lb. redfish The Best Chin in Fishing

If the Louisiana marsh were a boxer, it would be former middleweight champion Jake LaMotta.

Photo of Tommy Sanders holding a monster sized alligator gar Monster Movie Gar

Choas of landing a thrashing, toothy alligator gar makes anglers Mark Zona and Tommy Sanders relieved upon release.

Photo of Mike Frazier Dr. Frankenbass

Mild-mannered Texan Mike Frazier works on becoming Johnny Appleseed of superior bass genetics.

Photo of pro angler Ish Monroe at an Elite Series tournamentn on Lake Okeechobee The Big O Comes Back in a Big Way

The 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series Power-Pole Slam here in March signaled that the fishing at Lake Okeechobee now might be as good as it has ever been.

Photo of pro angler Randy Fite holding his trophy Deep Water Pioneer

Deep water pioneer and lifelong learner Randy Fite and the thrill of going deep.

Photo of 2012 Bassmaster Classic world champ Chris Lane holding his trophy Lane Embracing Change

2012 Bassmaster Classic world champ Chris Lane knows how to deal with change, in life and on the water.

Photo of a crankbait fishing lure Pro-Bait Court

Pro Anglers give their tips on using three hot lures: Alabama Rig, Square-Billed Crankbaits and Jerkbaits

Photo of a billfishi jumoing out of the water Living Up to It's Billing

The annual White Marlin Open is called “The World’s Largest Billfish Tournament.” The best offshore saltwater anglers and crews have been coming to Ocean City this week in August for the past 37 years.

Phot of pro angler Keith Poche Fall Into Line

Bassmaster Elite pro anglers Terry Butcher, Keith Poche, Rick Clum and Stephen Browning offer their fall and winter fishing tips.

Photo of pro angler Kevin Short with a largemouth bass catch A Short Road Map to River Success

Ten quick steps to break down any river in the country featuring tips from Bassmaster Elite fishing pro Kevin Short.