Thumbnail photo of an angler with a reef fishRunnin' The Reefs

It’s that trendy coffee shop, the neighborhood sports bar – that dependable source of respite, refreshment and a broad mix of faces and fancies. For a fish, the same can be said of the many natural and artificial reefs dotting the Gulf of Mexico bottom.

Thumbnail photo of an angler with a spotted troutFlat Busted

You know they’re out there – your speckled trout, your redfish, maybe a snook or two – but it’s not exactly a lights-out start to your day. The water looks good and the weather’s not too funky, but where, oh where are those fish?

Photo of a KingfishKing Mack Attack

Built like finned missiles, feeding kings unleash an explosive fury that makes them a challenging, highly rewarding quarry for coastal and offshore anglers.

Photo of a mounted bassThe Baddest Bass In The Land

Falcon Lake will be 60 next year, and it's pushing fishing tackle into a new frontier.

Photo of an angler holding a tripletail Take On The Tricky Tripletail

The Sea's Gypsies offer challenging sport for those who spot them

Photo of an angler holding a walleye Green Bay Isn't Just Football

Rivers feeding the shallow Lake Michigan bay make it a top walleye destination

Photo of an angler holding a snook Spring Snook Sensation

Many reasons justify Florida's reputation as "Sport Fishing Capital of the World" and one of them has a long, black stripe down each of its muscular flanks.

Photo of anglers holding their smallmouth bass catch Bronzeback Qunitet

Smallmouth in the Great Lakes -- that was our goal. A smallmouth from each one of the five Great Lakes in one season, to be more precise. Kind of like a Bronzeback Quintet.

Photo of an angler holding his grouper catch in the Florida Keys Winter Fishing In The Keys Has It All

There's no doubt, if I had two weeks to fish anywhere in the U.S., that I would head to Key West, Florida.

Photo of Capt. Josh Fitchett holding a big catfish Singing The Blues At The Tidal River Cat Show

Potomac and James River fishing guide, Capt. Josh Fitchett targets only the biggest of catfish.

Photo of Mike Frenette holding a 50 lb. redfish The Best Chin In Fishing

If the Louisiana marsh were a boxer, it would be former middleweight champion Jake LaMotta. Somehow, the Louisiana marsh has absorbed haymakers from Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010 and Hurricane Isaac this past August. And, somehow, these coastal wetlands have continued producing some of the best fishing anywhere on Earth.

Photo of pro angler Matt Newman holding a largemouth bass Clearly a Winner

When 19th Century newspaper editor Horace Greeley popularized the phrase "Go west young man," he probably didn't use Clear Lake as a selling point. Nevertheless, anglers making the trek to California's largest natural lake find a gold mine of bass fishing opportunity set within majestic Norwalk ambiance.

Photo of Dennis Tietje holding a nice crappie Crappie Biting at Bamm-Bamm

Dennis Tietje and LTD guides speak their own language at Toledo Bend

Photo of a walleye catch Trophy Walleyes

Trophy walleyes — fish weighing 10 pounds or more — are nothing new to Lake Erie. Long known as the Walleye Capital of the World, Lake Erie has a history of not only producing millions of walleyes annually, but many big fish as well.

Photo of pro angler Ish Monroe holding up his winning catch The Big O Comes Back In A Big Way

The 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series Power-Pole Slam here in March signaled that the fishing at Lake Okeechobee now might be as good as it has ever been. If you know about the often troubled times at Okeechobee, that also may be difficult to believe. But the weigh-in scales tell no lies.

Photo of Homosassa guide Capt. William Toney Lunch with the Riverman

Fourth generation Homosassa guide Capt. William Toney shares and "Old Florida" tradition on a river he knows lie the back of his hand.

Photo of a pro angler fishing at a bridge on Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Bass Fishing's Arrogant Homecoming Queens

When the toughest Bassmaster Classic in history played out on Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers in 2005, these hardened faces got as much TV time as eventual winner Kevin VanDam. You know them well. You can’t miss them. They span hundreds of yards, if not miles, over your favorite body of water, and hang dozens of feet over your head.