Shot In The Dark
Thumbnail photo of two anglers bowfishing
Bridging the gap, bowfishing has strung a cord between hunting and fishing.

Gear & Tackle

From Farm To Fish
Thumbnail photo of Mark Brumbaugh's tacklebox
Catching to teaching, Mark Brumbaugh has done it all in walleye world, especially the catching. Take a look inside his tacklebox.


Runnin' The Reefs
Thumbnail photo of an angler with a reef fish
It’s that trendy coffee shop, the neighborhood sports bar – that dependable source of respite, refreshment and a broad mix of faces and fancies. For a fish, the same can be said of the many natural and artificial reefs dotting the Gulf of Mexico bottom.


Angler Reports
Thumbnail photo of an Asian Carp
A bill introduced this year in the U.S. House of Representatives could protect the Great Lakes region’s sportfishing industry from invasive carp.


Mark Zona: Deep Thoughts

One of the great things about growing up in Michigan is our lakes are so clear, if you're going be a bass fisherman or any kind of fisherman, you have to either learn how to fish very, very, very shallow or you need to learn to fish very deep. Read More

Thumbnail photo of of an angler in a powerboat (Photo courtesy of Yamaha)Caring For Your Hydraulic Steering

Good steering systems work as they should year after year, and typically don’t get on the schedule of routine maintenance, unless there is a problem. But that might not be the best of ideas. After all, it is on a boat, and nothing on a boat is perfect, or forever. Read More

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Chasing Redfish in Venice, Louisiana, with the crew from Venice Fishing Lodge plus Steve and Mike from BoatUS ANGLER.


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Tommy Sanders Q & A
Question: What's Your Favorite Fishing Tradition?

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