Tag Him A Top Tagger

Published: Spring 2014
Photo of Capt Al Anderson

IGFA Hall of Fame Inductee Capt. Al Anderson has probably tagged more Atlantic bluefin tuna than any other individual. The NMFS Pelagic Game Fish Tagging Center in Miami has tracked his tagged bluefin tuna for well over five decades now, starting in the late 1960s.

At the present time, more than 4,700 plus Atlantic bluefin tuna have carried NMFS tags deployed from Anderson’s vessels. Recently, a 2-year old, 14-pound bluefin Anderson tagged and released on Oct. 9, 1997 was recaptured 711 nautical miles from the Northeastern edge of Nova Scotia.

At 5,855 days (16 years), this bluefin has the third longest time at liberty ever recorded. When it was recaptured, it weighed approximately 1,200 pounds.