ATV's Take The Plunge

by Mike Suchan, Photo courtesy of Gibbs

Photo of a man on the water using a Quadski

One if by land, two if by sea. What about one by land and sea?

That’s what’s coming out of Detroit in the Quadski, an ATV that turns into a personal watercraft.

Gibbs Sports Amphibian Inc. spent millions in man hours and dollars to develop this High Speed Amphibian (HSA). Powered by a 175-hp BMW Motorrad engine and transmission, the Quadski can hit 45 mph off road then head into the water, where a button push will retract the wheels in 5 seconds, and send the driver on an exhilarating 45-mph cruise.

“It’s been a long, uphill battle, but clearly worth the effort,” said Alan Gibbs, who has more than 300 patents and patents pending in developing this HSA. “Quadski will pave the way for a host of others HSAs for consumers, sports enthusiasts, law enforcement agencies, first responders and other commercial enterprises.”

Standing 10.5 feet long with a width just over 5 feet, 4.6 feet tall and weighing in at 1,300 pounds, the Quadski is a bit larger than most ATVs and personal watercraft, and the price is somewhat higher. With all the technology that went into developing it, Gibbs has a sticker price of $40,000 for the one-seat model.