Summer 2013

How Not To Sell A Boat

Article by Chris Landers

Photo of a 26-foot 1992 Mirage ski boat

A California craigslist ad for a 26-foot 1992 Mirage ski boat sounded good. An $8,000 asking price ("runs great, looks awesome, ready to hit the water"), and the seller was even willing to barter, offering to accept a 215 trade plus cash, or just cash.

That last bit drew some unwanted attention because"215" is code for Proposition 215, the state law legalizing medical marijuana, and it's a popular enough currency that many Craiglist ads in Chico, Calif., specify whether they accept it (or, in many cases, that they do not).

Police in Oroville, Calif., say they responded to the ad, and arranged a pot buy from the advertiser. They arrested a 35-year-old man from Eureka and seized $2,500 worth of marijuana.