Watts Up, Bro?

Twins share baits that propelled them to saltwater tournament success.

Photo of Greg and Bryan Watts fishing

They call them the Twin Towers of Power, the Dynamic Duo when they want to be nice. They call them unprintable things when these identical twins, mostly known as the Watts Brothers, win yet another inshore fishing tournament.

Greg and Bryan Watts are mainstays in the saltwater fishing scene. They used to beat up (literally) each other until they finally made a pact to quit fighting and start working together.

That pact created the one of the most powerful fishing teams in inshore saltwater tournaments. They were the first winners of a Redfish Cup event, its first champions and its first Anglers of the Year. Those titles with numerous others from the IFA Championships make them a pair to be feared in competition.

This is their tackle box they wouldn't dare go without when it comes to fishing in saltwater.

Photo of the tacklebox of Greg and Bryan Watts

9 Baits Bryan & Greg Watts Won't Fish Without

#1 Lucky Craft Big Daddy Strike 4: When it comes to baits on rip-rap, jetties or hard banks, a crankbait is one of the Watts Brothers’ secret options. The bait is bounced around the rocks just like a bass fisherman would use it. “That’s why we like it so much. It gets us back to our roots, which is bass fishing,’’ Greg Watts said. “But redfish will just kill a crankbait.”

#2 Mirro-Lure Top Pup: The Watts says this lure should be used from the spring through fall on the flats for everything from redfish to snook and speckled trout. “This is the bait we cut our teeth on,’’ Greg Watts said. “It doesn’t get any better for a topwater, walking-the-dog type bait. It’s a fantastic search lure.”

#3 Hank Brown Hook-Up Jigs: The Watts Brothers call this the finest buck-tail jig ever produced. The strong hook and pulsating real buck-tail created a realistic look in the water. “We have stroked them every where we’ve fished on this bait,’’ Greg Watts said. The duo won their first IFA Championship using this bait in Titusville, Fla., in 2001.

#4 Berkley Jerk Shad and Bass Assassin: Before Gulp, this was a go-to combo used to probe the flats for redfish, trout and snook. “The clear, gold/black back was a predominate color for Florida waters,’’ Bryan Watts said. “We’ve caught tons of reds on this rig.”

#5 1/4 –ounce Bass Assassin Jigheads with Gulp plastics: The Watts say this could possibly be the only bait that would be needed to win most redfish tournaments. The jighead was designed by the Watts Brothers and combined with Gulp -- a product they say completely changed the landscape of inshore saltwater angling -- it becomes deadly. Their two favorite offerings on the head are a 3-inch shrimp or a 4-inch sinking minnow. They have used the rig to win an IFA Championship and a Redfish Cup All-Star event.

#6 Bass Assassin Quick Cork: This is the Watts Brothers’ fun, yet productive addition to their tackle box. It works from Texas to Florida and is best in stained water. They cast it out, tipped with a Gulp bait and jig head and give it a jerk, let it settle and jerk it again. Repeating the process back to the boat. “It covers a lot of water and catches a lot of fish, plus it’s simple,’’ Bryan Watts said.

#7 Watts Brothers Spinnerbait: Spinnerbaits are an important part of inshore fishing in Louisiana and Texas all the way to North Carolina. It’s a sight fishing bait and is built to withstand the pull of even the largest bull red. “It’s one of the things you have to in your tackle box if you are fishing for redfish,’’ Greg Watts said.

#8 ¾-ounce Johnson Gold Spoon: This is a standard for saltwater angling. The Watts Brothers insist it’s a bait you can’t have too many of in your tackle box. There are days when the spoon can turn on fish in the flats like nothing else. Works best on sand flats with potholes and can be used all year. They like to burn it over the top of grass flats and retrieve in a stop-and-go erratic fashion around areas with irregular bottom features. Their favorite trick: Tie a piece of red yarn to the hook to trigger bites from fish following the lure.

#9 Lucky Craft SP100 Pointer: Like the crankbait, the Watts Brothers love to use a jerkbait around rip-rap and jetties. It’s a must-have in those situations. The Pointer works when the action is a jerk, pause, jerk action. They like it because most saltwater anglers overlook those type baits and it provides them with something the fish will react to. “They just kill it,’’ Bryan Watts said.