Ray Murski, "King" of Strike King, Passes

Photo of Ray Murski, Jerry McKinnis, Don Logan and Bill Dance at ICAST
Murski (second from right) poses at ICAST with B.A.S.S. owner Jerry McKinnis (left),
Don Logan (right) and Bill Dance. (Courtesy B.A.S.S.)

The outdoor industry lost one of its icons when Ray Murski died in December after an auto accident. Murski, who was among the initial group of competitor anglers in B.A.S.S., took his fishing passion to great heights as owner of Strike King Lure Co.

“The sport of bass fishing has lost one of its greatest ambassadors,” B.A.S.S. founder Ray Scott said.

Murski, who also owned of Murski-Breeding Sales, was dedicated to helping others, especially the tens of thousands of Texas youth who got to fish on his dime.

“He believed in youth projects, and he and Mandy [Murski’s wife] poured countless dollars into projects to benefit young people,” veteran angler and longtime friend Denny Brauer said. “Ray wasn’t in it for the glory of it — and that says so much about his character. He was big-hearted financially and emotionally. He is going to be missed by the fishing industry as well as the hunting industry.”

Jerry McKinnis, owner of B.A.S.S., said Murski’s impact on the sport is immeasurably, and if Murski had continued on the tournament trail he’d be a household name.

“When he did fish, he most often beat you,” McKinnis said. “He knew how to take a passion and be really good at it.”