A as in Alabama Rig

Photo of Paul Elias holding an Alabama Rig
Paul Elias holds an Alabama rig. (Steve Bowman photo)

Never has a single lure created so much controversy, probably because it’s not really a lure, and it’s definitely not single.

The Alabama rig is an apparatus with five wire arms with swivels that allow five separate lures to be attached. (See Baits with an impact, Page 15) Paul Elias brought attention to the castable umbrella with an FLW win on Guntersville Lake.

Forward to backlogs of 100,000 of the units, to profiteers making 10 times the original selling price of $25, to anglers starting a petition in hopes of having it banned in competition.

Some states already had prohibited use of such contraptions, and others will surely be looking into its use.

Proponents offer its potential as a latest, greatest weapon in a bass angler’s arsenal. Opponents say it takes the skill and sport out of fishing, will lead to more foul-hooked and dead fish.

While still allowed in the FLW competition, the lure recently became illegal on the Bassmaster Elite Series after a rules committee of top anglers decided they wanted the series to be held to a higher standard, so it’s one rod, one lure.