Boat Ramps Online - Your Feedback Needed

We recently added thousands of boat ramps from around the country on the Services Locator (, making it easier than ever to find a place to launch your boat. Each ramp listing has two aerial shots, giving you a view of what the ramp looks like from above. You can also write a review of the ramp, add photos and other important information like ramp hours, number of lanes and the availability of parking. We are asking for your help to make sure the ramps listed in your area have accurate information. Please take a moment to review the boat ramps currently listed in your area and help us improve the listings.

BoatUS App For Your Phone

When your boat breaks down on the water or runs out of gas, calling for an on-the-water tow is simple. Download the only app that helps you call for a tow in a hurry and also adds helpful location and tracking features just for anglers.

BoatUS ANGLER members with roadside Trailer Assist service can also use the App to summon help for a disabled vehicle or boat trailer. Trailer Assist will even winch your rig out of a slippery boat launch ramp when you’re stuck in the mud.

The moment you hit the App’s “Call Now for a Tow” button, it automatically provides the BoatUS Towing dispatch center crew with critical information before they even answer the phone. Available for iPhones and Android phones, download the App at Once uploaded to your smart phone and information is entered, the App is ready to go and gives boaters four choices: Call Now for a Tow, Share Your Location, BoatUS Directory, Digital Member Card.

The “Share Your Location” feature makes it easy to send text messages, emails, or share on Facebook, your latitude and longitude with a Google map link, alerting your friends to where the fish are biting without shouting it to the whole world over VHF.