Fuel Efficiency Standards Raised Again

by Ryck Lydecker
Photo of a truck and boat at a gas station

The Environmental Protection Agency set new fuel-efficiency standards in August, aimed at increasing fuel economy in cars and light-duty trucks to 54.5 miles-per-gallon by model year 2025. The move would nearly double fuel efficiency of the vehicles that will come off the assembly line a dozen years from now as compared to new vehicles on the market today. The new standard will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce oil consumption, but it also will affect future towing capacity of cars and light trucks.

“Clean air and saving fuel are worthwhile goals, and we can expect automakers to retool and reengineer vehicles to meet the new standard in the coming years,” says BoatUS President Margaret Podlich. “But that will likely mean we’ll see fewer vehicles with the horsepower and torque necessary to tow today’s recreational boats. So we could also see a lot of future innovation in the boating industry toward lighter boats and trailers.”