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Gadgets And Gizmos 2011

by Capt. Steve Chaconas, BoatUS ANGLER Pro Staff

Build a shelf and fishing manufacturers will fill them with every color shape and size imaginable. Trouble is…do they catch fish or fishermen?

Frabill fishing netWhen your partner says, "Get the net!" you search the deck for the webbed hoop yo'’ve used for decades, but all you can find is a net pole. Grabbing the handle and thrusting forward, a hidden net springs into action! The new and improved FRABILL Hiber-Net is easily stored in any rod box or strapped to a deck, ready to scoop up the big ones. This product has been around for a while, but now has an added feature. A paddle snaps into the end of the pole allowing the net to double as a long handled paddle!

McCoy Rod ShieldsBroken rods are part of fishing, but now there is a product that not only offers moderate protection, but also prevents rods from becoming tangled on a deck, in a car or when stuffed into a rod box. And for organizing, colored sleeves make choosing the right rod for the job a lot easier. The McCoy Rod Shields come in a variety of lengths and for rod type…spinning and casting rods. Once in place, the Shields stay in place, gently grabbing rod guides. Easy to remove - nice idea!

The Snip fishing toolFishing line manufacturers are transitioning from good old monofilament (which in a pinch could be cut with your teeth) to fluorocarbon and braided lines which (would be effective in pulling teeth). But, cutting these new super lines requires scissors…bulky and not easily stored. Finally there's a cutter that can be hooked to your belt loop on a retractable cable. The Boomerang Tool Company has introduced a heavy-duty mighty tiny cutter…The Snip! They also managed to put a very small LED light at the end to see what you are snipping! Stainless steel jaws cut for a long time and a safety latch protects you from errant cuts!

Teva Itunda sandalsBasketball and jogging shoes are not fishing shoes! They may be great on the court or the road, but not so good on the boat or in all that Mother Nature can dish out. Known for their sandals, Teva has created an amphibious sport shoe, the Itunda. No sacrifice of support! From top to bottom feet are surrounded with comfort and a Drain Frame™ to get water away from your feet for quick drying and to allow ventilation when it gets hot! A spider rubber bottom keeps you from losing your grip! But it’s the Shoc Pad™ that evenly transfers the energy of impact throughout the footbed and away from the heel.

But, as you pull out the plastic to pay for your new stuff, remember, three axioms that come to mind…fishing lures don't catch fish…fishermen catch fish…fishing lures catch fishermen. With every new season comes a new gadget or gizmo and an angler eager to own one. As my wife says, "Fish until you drop!"

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