A list of useful free things from BoatUS ANGLER including patches and decals, "My First Catch" certificates, a boat value check, and brochures on topics such as Hurricane Preparation, Safety Checklist, Boat Buying and Selling Guide, Winterizing Guide, All About Trailering, and Know Thy Fish.

BoatUS ANGLER Freebies

  • "Tacklebox" eNewsletter

    BoatUS ANGLER Tacklebox newsletter

    Produced as an update on seasonal fishing issues, practical fishing how-to's, helpful suggestions, and information regarding BoatUS ANGLER Member benefits - this eNewsletter is delivered right to your inbox.

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  • Animated Fishing Knots

    Sample of two fishing knots Fishing knots are designed to be tied in monofilament line and to run through the eyes and rings of a fishing rod or rig. Compared to rope, fishing line is cheap. The emphasis for fishing knots is on reliability and compactness with no interest in being able to untie them.
    Use Grog's Animated Fishing Knots

  • "My First Fish" Certificate

    Sample First Catch certificate

    Make your child's first catch official with our printable "First Fish" certificate. 8 1/2" x 11" size is perfect for framing.
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  • Spring Fitting Out Safety Checklist

    Close up of broken hose clamp

    After winter's cold temperatures, heavy snows and high winds, boats need special care in the spring. Time spent with this checklist today - can save time and money later!
    Seaworthy's Spring Fitting Out Safety Checklist

  • Winterizing Your Boat Brochure
    Winterize Your Boat brochure coverHere's a scary thought: The long dreary months of winter, which play havoc with your own psyche, could also be wrecking your boat and engine. Here's a better thought: When a boat is winterized properly, the annual winter hiatus should have little or no effect. This Winterizing Guide from BoatUS Marine Insurance tells you, step by step, how to prepare the various systems on your boat for the winter months. It includes a checklist for boats stored ashore and in the water. It's a must read for anyone north of the tropics.
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  • BoatUS Magazine

    BoatUS Magazine coverWe'll be happy to send you a free copy of our award-winning boating news magazine. Each issue is packed with news, consumer tips and feature stories to help you get the most out of boating.

    BoatUS ANGLER Members can add a subscription to BoatUS Magazine for only $6.00!

  • Hurricane Preparation Guide
    BoatUS Hurricane Preparation Guide

  • Don't be caught scrambling around for information when the next hurricane comes to a neighborhood near you--prepare ahead of time! Take advantage of over two decades of observations of major storm damage by the BoatUS Catastrophe (CAT) Team.

  • This guide includes information on securing the boat ashore vs. afloat, finding hurricane holes, anchoring and mooring techniques, chafe protection, theft prevention, and all the other details you won't have time to research, including what to do after the storm to help get you back on the water sooner.
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  • The BoatUS Guide To Marine Services
    BoatUS Guide To Marine ServicesWhether you are buying, maintaining or operating a boat, well-honed consumer skills will keep your budget on course - and keep the fun in pleasure boating. The BoatUS Consumer Protection Bureau’s Guide to Marine Service is a step-by-step reference tool designed to help you ask the right questions, make informed decisions and keep hassles to a minimum. This pocket-size guide gives tips on doing business with boat brokers and dealers, marinas, mechanics, repair shops, and more.
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  • All About Trailering

    Truck towing a boat

    Trailers, like boats and automobiles, require maintenance and know-how to keep them safe and rolling.

    This brochure covers all the details you'll want to know about trailering, including how to select a trailer, evaluating the tow vehicle, protecting trailers from thieves, trailer maintenance, and towing the trailer.
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  • BoatUS ANGLER Patches and Decals

    Get your free BoatUS ANGLER patch or decal. The embroidered patch measures 2.87" W x 1.87" H and can be sewn on or ironed on. The decal measures 5.25" W x 3.5" H. (Click on the images below to send a request).

    BoatUS ANGLER patch

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    BoatUS ANGLER decal

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  • Know Thy Fish Pamphlet

    Know Thy Fish brochure coverThe "Know Thy Fish" pamphlet is produced as a joint effort from BoatUS Foundation, the US Coast Guard, and the Aquatic Resources (Wallop-Breaux) Trust Fund. This handy guide provides Fish Identification info as well as Safe Angling and Boat-Handling tips.
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  • Keep Your Boat Afloat Brochure
    The fittings and hoses that pass water into and out of a boat are critical to keeping the boat afloat.

  • This guide describes numerous dockside sinkings linked to avoidable problems with thru-hull openings below the waterline, and above-the-water problems with deck hatches, cockpit drains and pump discharges.
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  • Protect Your Boat From Zebra Mussels Brochure
    Zebra mussels are established in many parts of the Great Lakes and are spreading rapidly to other waterways. The biggest concern for boat owners is the possible blockage of engine cooling intakes.

  • This Damage Avoidance Bulletin explains how to protect your boat from mussels, and how to prevent transporting them to other waterways.
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  • Seaworthy Loss Prevention Publication
    Seaworthy Damage Avoidance newsletterClick here to get a free copy of our popular loss prevention publication. Its pages are filled with case studies that provide insight into how to avoid accidents, breakdowns, injuries and the "unexpected" circumstances that can jeopardize the safety of your boat and guests.

  • Vessel Safety Check Locator
    US Coast Guard logoFind an examiner near you to perform a free vessel safety check. The vessel safety check is a courtesy given by local members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and United States Power Squadron to promote safety and awareness.

    Both the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and the United States Power Squadrons have certified vessel examiners who will perform a free Vessel Safety Check ("VSC") at your boat, at a time of mutual convenience. There is no charge, and no consequences if you don't pass. Their goal is simply to help make boating as safe as possible for you, your family and your friends, through education.
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  • This Fire Could Have Been Prevented Brochure

  • Almost all fire damage caused by a short, failure or stray current from an improperly installed 12-volt electrical system can be prevented.

  • The BoatUS Marine Insurance Damage Avoidance Program has produced a guide to help you through a safety inspection of your boat's 12-volt electrical system.
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  • The BoatUS Guide to Buying & Selling a Boat
    The BoatUS Guide To Buying and Selling a Boat will help the novice navigate unfamiliar waters and remind the seasoned boat owner of landmarks to steer by and shoals to avoid when "trading up" or selling.

  • In the Guide, you will find sources for information about defects and recalls, advice on working with dealers, brokers and manufacturers, pointers for writing consumer-friendly sales contracts — and lots more.
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  • Free Boat Value Check

    Boat Value Check bannerSubmit this form and we'll be happy to e-mail you a free estimate of the fair market value of your current boat, or another used boat you're interested in buying.

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