Basic fishing tips and techniques from the pros to help get you get started fishing or improve your fishing skills.

BoatUS ANGLER: Fishing How-To's

Fishing Basics

Basic fishing tips and techniques from the pros to help get you get started fishing.

Catch and Release Tips

The advent of catch-and-release has been great for the sport of fishing. It has literally re-cycled fish/opportunity for other anglers. However, there is a proper method to returning fish to the water after you catch them, that assures the fish's chances of survival.

Support Catch and Release logo Here are some basic tips:

  • Don't play or fight a fish any longer than necessary. This way when you do catch and release the fish, it's not fatigued or stressed.
  • Do not touch or handle the fish any more than necessary. Doing so removes a protective slime coat that helps protect the fish from disease. It might be a good idea to wet your hands before handling the fish.
    NOTE: For the same reason the use of dip nets is not encouraged with fish you plan to release. And if you do use nets, those with rubber webbing seem to be less harmful in this regard than those made of twine.
  • If a hook is swallowed, cut it off as closely to the eye of the hook as possible and release the fish, rather than trying to remove the hook. Studies have shown fish have a better chance of survival if you do this.
  • There is nothing wrong with taking photos of a catch, but consider that the fish cannot breathe out of water. Take the photo and return the fish to water as soon as possible.
  • Fishing with barbless hooks aid in the survival rate of caught and released fish. The same is true of anglers using circle hooks. These hooks are designed to turn when taken by the fish and hook it in the corner of the mouth rather than be swallowed.
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Animated Fishing Knots
from the website "Animated Knots by Grog"

Three types of fishing knotsFishing knots are designed to be tied in monofilament line and to run through the eyes and rings of a fishing rod or rig.

Compared to rope, fishing line is cheap.

The emphasis for fishing knots is on compactness and reliability with no interest in being able to untie them.

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