Bluefin Tuna Success!

The weather pulled a total 180! Forecast went from windy and rough to being completely slicked out.

Several miles offshore out of Cape Cod (fishing w Capt. Eric Stewart and his mates Ian, Chris, and CK) was one of the best offshore experiences I've had to date. Lots of movement and excitement w those boys! Making the trolling pass w ease until the bites turn on, and when it does you better be ready! We had several fish blow up in a bite window of 3 hours. The wind was soon to follow.

Bluefin tuna

I had a nice bluefin on for 10 min until the hook pulled. Not too long after, Bear Holeman, was hooked up to a perfect take home fish of 71" in the neighborhood of 250 lbs! This fish was, and shall remain one of the fattest tuna I've ever seen. The Toro was amazing!

We shipped it home to our friends so we all can enjoy our great catch!

Thanks to all our boys on this trip. Capt. Jay Shields, Graham Morton, Capt. Eric Stewart, and of course, my best fishing partner, Bear Holeman. What a blast!