BoatUS Boat Affiliate

Are you a boating organization or business with an active website?

Earn money with a link from your site to BoatUS —
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By joining the BoatUS Affiliate program, you can earn $$ for every Member your website brings us.

= Potentially $12 per Member - right into your pocket!

How Does It Work?

1. Sign Up

Complete our Affiliate Agreement.

2. Post Banner

Download the Affiliate Banners and select the banner type and size that best fits your website. Use the unique link that we will provide to ensure you receive credit for any new Members that come through your site.

3. Get $$$!

You will get paid every time someone joins through the banner or link on your site.

It's that simple!

How Do I Get Paid?

Getting paid is easy. Every 3 months you will receive a check for an amount based on the number of Members who have joined through your site. Note: Before your first payment can be processed, we require a completed W9 Form from you

Learn more about BoatUS Membership

To begin the sign-up process, please download the Affiliate Forms using the button below:

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