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Marine and Boat Acronyms and Abbreviations

Alphabet soup to digest.

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Boat Handling In Waves

by Tom Neale, Published in BoatUS Magazine June/July 2014

To handle waves safely, let's review some basic tactics, apply them to your boat's design, and practice with care. Read More

Living Aboard With Kids by Danielle Zartman

A Survival Guide For Parents. Includes 25 Ways to Get Your Children To Love Boating, Her recommended children’s library. Read More.

Read about Ben and Danielle Zartman and how they made their dream of living aboard and traveling, while making a living, happen. Read More

Alliance for Safe Navigation

The Alliance For Safe Navigation

Apps To Keep You Safe On the Water

By Lenny Rudow, published in BoatUS Magazine, December 2013/January 2014

Cell phone and tablet apps can be harnessed by boaters in a number of ways: weather prediction, navigation, and maintenance logging are a few prime examples. And in the past, we've told you about apps that can help you accomplish these things. But there are a number of new or updated apps which focus on making boating safer. Read More

Can Marine Apps And A Smartphone Make You A Better Boater?

By Lenny Rudow, published in BoatUS Magazine, April/May 2011

Every day, new applications are developed that can help you run your boat more efficiently and effectively. Read More

BoatUS Hurricane Resource Center

mel Neale Boating Safety Study Guide