TowBoatUS & VESSEL ASSIST in the News


TowBoatUS St. Augustine, FL
Captain James Coats aided in the rescue of 2 boaters after their sailboat capsized.

December 10, 2011

TowBoatUS St. Augustine, FL
Captain Lawrence Kendrick assisted an injured boater after their 33 foot Sea Ray hit a sandbar.

December 6, 2011
Story by SheldonGardner
Photo by Phillip Whitley

TowBoatUS South Dade, FL
Towed a capsized shrimp boat back to port after Coast Guard rescue.

December 4, 2011

Recovered a 40 foot fishing trawler after it sunk Sunday morning.

November 28, 2011
Story by Joseph Serna

TowBoatUS Newburyport, MA
Recovered a 29 foot sailboat that broke loose from it’s mooring during an early winter storm.

November 3, 2011
Story by Kelly Anne Clinton

TowBoatUS Bay City, MI
Captain Gary Poirier salvaged an 18 foot boat after it capsized on Saturday

October 18, 2011
Story by Cole Waterman

TowBoatUS Bay City, MI
was called to salvage a 30 foot Checkmate after it collided with a buoy near the mouth of the Saginaw Bay

October 11, 2011
Story by Cole Waterman

Captain Stivers rescues boat that broke away from it’s mooring.

September 30, 2011
Story by Scott Schaefer
Photos by Bob Seaton

VESSEL ASSIST Friday Harbor, WA 20110906_friday.jpg
Towed a 35’ Bayliner to Cayou Cay Marina following a fire last Friday

Sept. 6, 2011
Photo by Karen Parsons

TowBoatUS Homossassa River, FL
Captail Mike Dunn rushed to the aide of survivors following a fatal boating accident.

August 28, 2011

VESSEL ASSIST South Gulf Island, BC
Captain Nick Boychuk credited with rescuing unconscious sailor

August 10, 2011
Story by Elizabeth Nolan

TowBoatUS Chicago, IL
is kept busy throughout the summer with everything from dead batteries to salvages.

July 23, 2011
Story by Steve Schmadeke

TowBoatUS Lake Norman, NC
Refloats Fire Boat 13 after it was found sunk at the dock.

July 15, 2011
Story by Courtney Price

TowBoatUS Rochester, NY
Pulled 3 men from the water in Irondequoit Bay after boat capsizes.

June 28, 2011
Story by Mark Schoenberger

TowBoatUS Beaufort, NC
Helped clean up after storm leaves boats adrift.

June 21, 2011
Photos by Smitha Rao

Towed 15 foot sailboat back to Channel Islands Harbor after it began sinking near Santa Cruz Island.

June 13, 2011
Tows overturned vessel after rescue of local fishermen.

June 10, 2011

Refloats a 50-foot fishing vessel after it ran aground near San Juan Island

June 7, 2011

TowBoatUS Baltimore, MD
Capt. Dale Plummer explains services available to boaters in his area of operation.

May 30, 2011

TowBoatUS Stuart, FL
U.S. Coast Guard honors Captains Woodruff, Patterson and Hofmeister for heroic efforts during marina fire on Mach 28, 2011.

May 25, 2011
Photo by Diane Riggan

TowBoatUS Cape Cod, MA
Salvages sunken boat off Swifts Neck Beach.

May 20, 2011
Story & Photo by Jaime Rebhan

VESSEL ASSIST Ventura, CA 20110512_friday.jpg
Will participate in the 6th Annual Channel Islands Harbor Safe Boating Expo on May 14.

May 13, 2011
Photo by USCG PO Cory J. Mendenhall

Towed a 17-foot Boston Whaler back to port after it capsized near the south end of San Juan Island.

May 12, 2011

TowBoatUS St Augustine, FL
Salvages a battered 45 foot fishing boat in St. Augustine Inlet

May 11, 2011
Story by Peter Guinta
Photo by Daron Dean

TowBoatUS Lake Hartwell, SC
Captain Owens has plans to float boat sunk during fire at Portman Marina.

March 31, 2011

TowBoatUS Port Aransas, TX
Captain Mike Roberson helps clean up Redfish Bay. So far crews have hauled away 34 tons of debris.

March 29, 2011

TowBoatUS Stuart, FL
Captain Woodruff was nearby when a 62 foot boat caught fire in the Sailfish Marina.

March 28, 2011
Story by Jon Shainman

TowBoatUS Shamrock, NJ
Ungrounds 55 foot commercial Fshing boat in Great Egg Harbor Inlet

March 18, 2011
Story by Joel Landau, Photo by Vernon Ogrodnek

TowBoatUS Portsmouth, VA
Assisted with the fifth annual search and rescue exercise on Friday, March 4th.

March 4, 2011
Story by Mike Gooding

TowBoatUS Tampa Bay, FL
Captain Clayton Tieman honored for heroism.

February 13, 2011
Story by Kathryn Bursch

TowBoatUS St. Augustine, FL
Veteran Tow Captain Norm Manley describes his own rescue after his towboat capsized.

February 11, 2011
Story by Chris Landry

TowBoatUS Beaufort, NC
aides in clean up after fire at McCotters Marina, in Washington, NC

January 18, 2011
Story by WNCT Staff

VESSEL ASSIST Channel Islands, CA
assists Harbor Patrol in rescue of disabled boater.

January 16, 2010