Getting Help

24 Hour Dispatch Center

To get help use any one of these procedures:

  • Hail “TowBoatUS” or “VESSEL ASSIST” on VHF Channel 16 – for Towing Assistance key your VHF mic and say “TowBoatUS, TowBoatUS, this is vessel (your boat’s name here) hailing TowBoatUS”. Wait two minutes, if there is no response, try again. Mariners on the West Coast will first hail “Vessel Assist, Vessel Assist” and then follow the same procedure.
  • Contact TowBoatUS or VESSEL ASSIST directly by cell phone – Use your cell phone to call the closest TowBoatUS/VESSEL ASSIST Company listed in our on line Services Locator.
  • Call the BoatUS 24-Hour National Dispatch Center: 800-391-4869 – Via wireless phone or Coast Guard VHF relay. Be prepared to give your cell phone number to the Dispatcher so our Tower can contact you. Our Dispatch crew will conference call you to the closest resource and make sure you are taken care of.
  • Contact BoatUS 24-Hour Dispatch – Via Towing Services App Available on both Android and iPhone/iPad devices. The BoatUS Towing App allows you to stay connected while out on the water. One push of a button connects you to the nation's largest network of on-water towers with over 300 ports nationwide. The app is FREE for all boaters! Download it today!
  • Contact BoatUS using your DeLorme inReach - With a push of a button on your inReach unit, your Membership and GPS location will be transmitted to the BoatUS 24-hour Towing Dispatch Center allowing BoatUS to dispatch assistance to your location. Click here to learn more.
  • Use your SPOT Assist Maritime - Summoning BoatUS Towing is as easy as pressing a button. If you dont already have a SPOT click here for more information.

BoatUS has the largest documented coast-to-coast commercial towing network. With over 300 ports and over 600 vessels standing by, help is never far away.

Hailing the Coast Guard
In any life threatening or emergency situation, hail the Coast Guard on VHF Channel 16.

Listen to sample VHF dispatch call:
Dispatcher Call
Listen to sample dispatch call: