Video Lending Library for Groups

These VHS videotapes/DVDs can be borrowed from the BoatUS Speakers Bureau for viewing at your next boating or fishing group meeting.

To borrow a video, call us at 800-678-6467 or email at least one week before your meeting. A credit card number is taken but not processed unless the video fails to return to the Bureau.

Videos are VHS tapes unless otherwised noted as DVDs.

Buying/Selling Boats

93120 Dinghies and Inflatables (49 min) How to buy, tow, stow, row, sail and handle.
96160 Discover Sailing - The Ultimate Adventure (2002) by SailAmerica hosted by Gary Jobson and Martha Parker, info on types of boats, sources for sailing schools and charter vacations.
93125 How to Buy a Powerboat (53 min)
93126 How to Buy a Sailboat (53 min)
93162 The Pre-Purchase Survey with Jim Dias CMS –Vol I & Vol II (55 min+55 min = 110 min), power and sail 30’+. Installations, electrical systems, construction, machinery, sails, sea trial, rigging, more.


93105 Bareboat Chartering Checklist (25 min)
96164 Offshore Sailing Part 1, Get Ready To Cruise - DVD (90 min) by Lin & Larry Pardy. Shot in The Pittwater (north of Sydney, Australia) and New Zealand.
96165 Offshore Sailing Part 2, Get Ready to Cross Oceans -DVD (90 min) by Lin & Larry Pardy-Indian Ocean.
93139 Video Guide to Cruising the Chesapeake Bay (60 min) C&D Canal to Solomon’s Island/ Patuxent River.
93163 Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park DVD - Join park warden Ray Darville, explore the natural wonders and see ways to enjoy and protect these Bahama Islands.


93108 How to Rig your Boat for Fishing (56 min)


93135 The Complete Exercise Video for Boaters (30 min) - Rick Marshall and Laurie Fleming demonstrate exercise techniques which use your boat to help you stay fit and in shape. Rick Marshall and Laurie Fleming demonstrate exercise techniques which use your boat to help you stay fit and in shape. 1999.


96159 2001 Rolex International Year in Sailing with host Gary Jobson (2001 ESPN) World and local races, includes Volvo Ocean 60, Congressional Cub, BT Global Challenge, Fastnet, highlights of Jobson's trip to the extreme Arctic.


93113 How to Paint your Fiberglass Boat (55 min)
93115 Marine Gas Engine Maintenance (75 min) Save time and be safe. Electrical, fuel, exhaust cooling and ignition systems, trouble shooting, maintenance, diagnostics, lay-up and batteries.
93119 Winterizing Your Boat (40 min) Protect your engine, woodwork, interior & exterior, fuel and electrical systems.
93143 Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance (75 min) Routine maint, troubleshooting, major engine types, save money.
93144 Fiberglass Repairs Made Easy Vol. I: Fiberglass Gelcoat Damage (54 min) Easy to follow procedures to repair bottom cracks from a professional with 20 years experience.


93104 GPS Navigation-An In-depth Guide (30 min) Watch before buying. How the system works, receiver functions, more.
93107 VHF Made Easy (24 min) Understanding VHF radio communications and proper use.
93111 LORAN C - A Navigator’s Approach (105 min) The C System and how to use it in language you can understand.
93149 Garmin GPS 48
93150 The Complete Guide to Electronic Charting (63 min) Choose the electronic charting system that’s right for you. Learn the difference between vector and raster chart formats, in-depth look at electronic chart displays (ECDs), learn benefits of using a personal computer and software for navigation and shipboard management. Buyer’s guide section.
93152 Boating at Night (40 min) How to see and be seen in the dark, avoid problems, plotting tips, running your course, using radar, electronic charts, onboard lights, piloting procedures and night vision equipment.
93161 Share The Bay (16 min) Mariner's view of sharing San Francisco Bay with large vessels: safe boating practices navigation rules, VHF communications, shipping channels, weather, tides and currents.


93100-v3 Safety at Sea – Vol 3 of Annapolis Book of Seamanship Series (94 min) Crew preparation, changing halyards, going aloft, route planning, crew overboard recovery, topping, injuries, calling for help, flares, and life raft inflation.
93102 Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacons (15 min) -EPIRB types, how they work, installation, and use.
93109 All About Fire Prevention On your Boat (20 min)
93114 Personal Flotation Devices (17 min) Types of PFD’s and how they work.
93117 Inflatable Life Rafts (16 min) Installation, launching, equipment and procedures aboard.
93118 Visual Distress Signals (13 min) Describe different types and how to use pyrotechnics and lights.
93121 Inspecting Your Rig (90 min) Sailboat rigging. Know your hardware options.
93141 Teaching Kids How To Sail (40 min) Guide for young people and their parents to learn together. Certified instructors at the San Francisco Yacht Club cover basic maneuvers, safety techniques, starting, stopping, docking, tacking, jibbing, sail trim, knots and man overboard rescue.
93147 (Spanish) Aqua Smart (22 min) Seguridad en el Agua y al Pasears en Botes para clases del nivel K hasta 2, sponsored by State of CA Dept of Boating and Waterways, sponsored by State of CA Dept of Boating and Waterways.
93148 (Spanish) Aqua Smart (14 min) Seguridad en el Agua y al Pasears en Botes para clases del nivel 3 hasta 5, sponsored by State of CA Dept of Boating and Waterways.

Skills - Sailing Skills/Boat Maneuvering/Racing

93116 Handling and Anchoring Your Boat (75 min) Teaches on both power and sail: Engine/prop control, docking, undocking, man overboard drill (inc. Lifesling use), rafting, rules of the road, anchoring, selecting anchors, mooring.
93130 Heavy Weather Powerboating -VHS - (46 min) Boat handling. Prepare your boat and crew. How to avoid the bad weather, if possible. Handling head-on seas, running into troughs, making emergency repairs, handling following seas and rough inlets, limited visibility, placing emergency calls, US Coast Guard rescue and more.
93153 Sailing in Heavy Weather - DVD - Close-up look at sailing in near-gale conditions. Steering in large seas, heavy air sail trim, roller reefing, personal protection, storm tactics.
96158 Storm Tactics - DVD (84 min) Prepare your boat for storms with a plan, eliminate fear, heaving to, special sails use, para-anchor use and more. By Lin and Larry Pardey.
93155 1999 BoatUS Santa Maria Cup (30 min) Annual U.S. Women’s match race, featuring the world’s top female sailors in four days of one-on-one match racing. Held on Severn River, Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis from Eastport Yacht Club. Filmed by ESPN2, narrated by Gary Jobson.
96156 Useful Knots For Boatmen (25 min) Over 16 boating knots. Produced by U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.
96157 A Race Of Survival - The 1998 Sydney To Hobart Race. 60 knot winds, 70' swells, helicopter and onboard cameras, extraordinary rescues, though six men were lost. 44 of 115 boats make it to Hobart.


93142 Trailering Your Boat (30 min) - Selecting the right trailer, tips and pointers.


93103 ”Weather To Go Boating” (90 min)
NOTE:Videos are VHS tapes unless otherwised noted as DVDs.