Main Topic: Marine Surveying, Appraisers, Boat Insurance Liability, Property Damage
Speaker Location Specific Topics
D.J. Smith Mobile, AL Pre-purchase Surveys, Surveys for Insurance and other Boat Insurance Topics.
George LeBaron Chula Vista, CA What is the fair market value of your boat?
Edward Cohan Los Angeles, CA Surveying
Gary Martin Pollock Pines, CA

Marine and Maritime Forensic Expert who has been involved in many high profile cases of boat collisions, fires, sinking, water-ski and Personal Watercraft incidents as well as international Death on The High Seas cases.

Some of the topics can be somewhat graphic, but will also be extremely educational. The topics are intended to instill in the attendees the need for pre-planning, safety and survival during boating or sailing excursions.

Believes and subscribes to the following: The term Accident is inappropriate to the majority of disasters at sea because rarely do they occur by chance or without apparent cause. Instead, they are the result of negligence or disregard of the premonitory warning signs through casualness, or poor operating procedures.

Essentials of Sea Survival.

Available in the Sacramento and Lake Tahoe areas.

Joseph Rodgers Santa Cruz, CA What is fair market value? Marine surveys, yacht appraisal.
Peggy Feakes Stockton, CA Surveying
John Bakken Denver, CO Appraising and surveying small crafts.
William Robbins Clinton, CT Business with surveying and what a surveyor does.
Jim Dias Guilford, CT What marine surveyors do.
Bernard Cohn Boyton Beach, FL Surveying - Who, What, Where, When? Some pre-survey self help.
Capt. Charles Kanter Boynton Beach, FL

Surveying - who, what, where, when? Some pre-survey self help. Catamarans - Choosing a Cruising Catamaran. 1500 boats known from the bilges up. Learn the virtues and vices. Anchoring, hurricane survival and lots of tips and techniques.

Author: Cruising Catamaran Communique, magazine contributor, over 100K miles of cruising experience. 30 years experience with Dunedin Canvas Works. Please offer two months notice.

Henry Mustin Delray Beach, FL Surveying, what understanding the "intended use of the vessel" means to a surveyor.
Marc Slakoff Ft. Lauderdale, FL Marine surveying.
Capt. Wayne Robinson Lake Mary, FL

Marine Surveying, safety, sailing, boat handling, navigation, rules of the road, cruising.

Delivery Captain, Instructor. Admiralty Consulting & Surveying. Can cover areas: Portland, ME - Newport, RI.

Clyde Carter Longboat Key, FL All about surveying and tools used to survey, what questions to ask and why.
Roland Freeman Longboat Key, FL Aspects of hull surveying.
Allan Kelly Miami, FL Property damage, liability.
Percy Overman Miami, FL Know when you need a surveyor.
Patricia Kearns Naples, FL Surveying a new boat, using the survey report, regular maintenance surveys.
Veronica Lawson Naples, FL

Claims adjusting, marine surveying-the pitfalls for boaters, purchasing vessels, safety aboard. Fee requested.

J. Jopie Helsen St. Petersburg, FL

Dealing with boat yards, why surveyors are important in insurance claims, what I have learned in the last 40 years in the boat bushiness. Presentations included "The Rescue of the sailboat JADE by the USCG Vessel Harriet Lane W903" and also "Sailing the Mediteranian, Coatia, Italy, Greece and Turkey"

Yacht Designer, Sailor’s Wharf, Inc. owner.

W.E. Ted Guy Jr. Stuart, FL Surveying.
WL Knowles Stuart, FL Surveyor and surveyor educator.
James M. Garrett Summerland Key, FL Introduction to Marine Surveying.
Melvin Surdel Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL Yacht Surveying
Honolulu, HI Marine Surveying.
Chicago, IL Marine Surveyor, preparing yourself and your boat for a survey.
Lisle, IL Marine surveying. Davis & Co. Ltd,
Harrods Creek, KY Slide presentation about what a marine surveyor does.
Annapolis, MD Marine Surveyor, assessing boats, factors to consider when buying a boat.
Annapolis, MD Marine Surveyor. General discussion as part of what to expect from your surveyor.
Annapolis, MD Yacht design and engineering, marine surveying.
Oxford, MD What a marine surveyor is and what he can do to help a boat owner or buyer. Surveying.
Solomons, MD Surveying and history of surveying. Summers in Massachusetts.
Solomons, MD Marine surveying. May need expenses.
Brownfield, ME Marine surveying. Has written articles, has been member of a variety of societies and organizations.
Port Huron, MI Marine surveying, surveying pleasure boats.
Minneapolis, MN Yacht surveying, Why have a survey?
Ocean Springs, MS Marine surveying, small boat design
Stratham, NH Pre-purchase surveys, damage surveys
Brick, NJ

Surveying, power & sailing vessels - What a surveyor looks for. Hull construction, fuel systems.

Experience: 25 years self-employed surveyor and consultant

Brewerton, NY Marine surveying, marine accident investigation, legal respects of surveying, repairs.
Brooklyn, NY

Marine Surveyor.

Geneva, NY

Marine Surveying, Marine Construction and Design.

Retired 100 ton Captain. Owner, Waterfront Consultant, Inc.

Honeoye Falls, NY

Marine surveying. Slides presentation.

Marine Surveyor, Bartnett Marine Services, Inc.

Liverpool, NY Boat surveying, canal operations, heavy maintenance.
Staten Island, NY

The Marine Survey for pleasure craft- choosing a marine surveyor, types of surveys, preparing for a marine survey, The inspection-what is inspected for what, additional services available, The Moisture Meter - not a measurement tool, common findings, Your Report -what it contains and what you should expect.

Somma Marine Surveying.

Westhampton, NY Marine Surveyor, Claims Adjuster
Williamson, NY

Yacht and small craft surveys, insurance, pre-purchase and damage surveys.

Digital Marine Surveys, Inc.

Yaphank, NY Marine Surveying and related boating topics. Experience: Marine Surveyor for 25 years (07), marine insurance claims, USCG, Suffolk Marine Museum: restoration, US Navy Cert Weather Observer & Forecaster, Firefighting School, ships diver, Certified Radar Navigator, Advanced Search & Rescue, Ocean. Research School. Certificates: AMS, CMS, ASA, CMI.
Mentor, OH

Surveying, loss prevention, safety.

Marine Surveyor, Great Lakes Marine Service Co, Inc.

Westlake, OH Marine Surveyor, Marine Underwriter and Claims Adjuster. Surveying the Santa Maria of Columbus, surveying The Niagara, St. Helena Barge reconstruction.
Elizabeth, PA Marine surveying, yachts, small craft, rebuilding boats.
Charleston, SC Marine surveying, safety, boat maintenance.
Austin, TX

The surveyor's role in purchasing.

Area: 100 mi radius of Austin, more if travel can be arranged.

Corpus Christi, TX Marine Surveyor & Claims Adjuster. Loss prevention, boat insurance, dealing with insurance companies.
Gloucester, VA Small boat, surveying, Graduate Marine Engineer, USCG Asst Engineer, ship stabilization systems, operated wide variety of vessels. Experience in marine equipment testing and deep ocean mining fleet operation.
Yorktown, VA Relationship between marine surveyor & boat owner.
Bellingham, WA Salvage, small boat salvage, manufacturing, repair, the need for a survey, maintenance, towing.
Seattle, WA Marine surveying, fiberglass technology, boat maintenance and repair, long cruise preparation.
Kenosha, WI

Yacht surveying, boat design, life raft usage, boarding, care, safety at sea, winterizing, sailing.

Teacher, Retired Naval Officer, Naval Architect. Winters in WI, Summers in FL.

Milwaukee, WI Marine surveying, why have a survey. Mechanical specialty: Master Technician, engines, drives, winterizing, spring commissioning.