Boating Safety, Emergency Repairs, Safety Equipment, Medical Emergencies, First Aid Afloat
Speaker Location Specific Topics
Hot Springs, AZ Boating Safety, (Charlesworth is Garland Co. Deputy Sheriff Marine Patrol Supervisor)
Capt. Robert Grossman Auburn, CA

Boating Safety, Navigation, Seamanship.

Author of book: Skipper’s Handbook

Irvine, CA “Sailing the Inland Seas” - The Great Lakes best harbors, resorts, lighthouses, shipwrecks, geography, history & people, navigation, avoiding steamer traffic, anchoring, equipment, weather, heavy weather sailing, hypothermia, safety issues, Mackinac Races. CG Master & USPS Navigator.
Officer Ed Henry San Diego, CA Boating Laws, Boating Safety, Boating Accidents. San Diego Police - Harbor Unit Officer. Not available in summer months
Thomas Bell Santa Monica, CA Vessel surveying, appraisals, sail and power - how to ask questions, evaluating a marina facility to use, vessel transport, boating safety -offshore, boat repairs, wood, steel, alum, fiberglass, types and qualifications of those who do boat work. Former shipbuilder, from long family line of shipbuilders. Attorney Services, former towing and salvage business Captain and owner.

Peggy Feakes Stockton, CA

Surveying, boat building, repair and rigging, safety, boat restoration for voyages, coastal and offshore sailing experience, sea stories.

Robert Carlson Bridgeport, CT Boat safety, electrical safety, boating standards, electrical standards, product liability.

ABYC member, National Fire Protection Association Member.

Nick Nicholson Edgewater, FL Boating safety rules and habits, law requirements and restrictions, basic sailing, boating safety, trailering, marlinspike, seamanship, navigation rules, piloting, weather, search & rescue, US Coast Guard, USCG Auxiliary: Past, Present and Future.
W.C. Lilly Fernandina Beach, FL

Boating safety, boat building, ship building, maintenance and repair, ship design and construction/ materials, navigation, instruction and hull plates.

Chairman, Committee for Small & Medium Shipyards/ Shipbuilding. Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers. ABC Marine Surveyors and Marine Associates -- small fee requested.

Capt. Larry Dukehart Islamorada, FL Repair, Fiberglass repair, Outfitting a vessel, Diesel engines, Gelcoat, Blistering, Sportfishing, Safety
Capt. Dave Sipler Jacksonville, FL

NE Florida’s inlets: History and characteristics. Fishing/boating safety. New and interesting fishing techniques. Rigging and knot tying. Baits- where to find it and what to use. Tides, species and seasonal migrations. Light tackle, reels rods, line and lures.

Capt. Dave Sipler’s Fishing Charters

Henry Alwardt Key Largo, FL

Towing, salvage, safety, how to choose a towing/salvage company, boat maintenance.

Blackbeard Marine Towing & Salvage, TowBoatU.S. Key Largo

Capt. Wayne Robinson Lake Mary, FL

Marine surveying, safety, sailing, boat handling, navigation, rules of the road, cruising.

Delivery Captain Instructor. Admiralty Consulting & Surveying. Can cover areas: Portland, ME - Newport, RI.

Capt. Michael Ammons Long Boat Key, FL

Marine Engines & Systems - emergency repairs to get home, The “SOB” Story - Spares On Board.

TowBoatU.S. Sarasota

Clyde Carter Longboat Key, FL

Safety, all about surveying and tools used to survey, what questions to ask and why, marine investigation.

Member: NFPA - National Fire Protection Association

Leonard Lesnik N. Palm Beach, FL Navigation Rules, Aids to Navigation, legal requirements for boaters, boat safety checks, marine environmental protection, patrols for oil spills, abandoned boats and hazards, USCG Auxiliary story.
Veronica Lawson Naples, FL

Claims adjusting, marine surveying-the pitfalls for boaters, purchasing vessels, safety aboard. Fee requested.

Capt. Dale Mansfield/Chris Shaffner Palm Beach Garden, FL

Marine safety, BoatU.S. Membership Information, TowBoat One, Inc.

TowBoatU.S. Palm Beach, TowBoatUS. Jupiter

Capt. Pete Seidel Palm Coast, FL

The need for mandatory boater safety education. Vessel operation in NY Harbor. Running “the ditch” - The Intracoastal Waterway, preparing for a cruise.

Captain Seidel is a delivery captain holding a 100 Ton Master USCG license.

Robert Heekin Pompano Beach Safety, boating - technical, loss prevention, values, maintenance, insurance adjusting.
Melvin Surdel Tampa/ St. Pete, FL

Yacht surveying, boat design, life raft usage, boarding care, safety at sea, winterizing.

Sailing teacher, retired Naval officer, Naval Architect. Summers in FL only.

Judi Bidwick Venice, FL

Boating safety, safety equipment and vessel safety checks. All state and mandated safety class classes. Flares and fire extinguisher use, GPS, Navigation, personal watercraft safety, general boating course, Signage on Intra-Coastal Waterway (VA to FL), About the USCG Auxiliary and how to volunteer.

Social Circle, GA Capt. Bell or staff from GA DNR Wildlife Resources Div, Law Enforcement Section, boating safety, safety equipment and laws. May have staff in parts of GA other than Social Circle.
Susan Scott Kailua, HI

2014 Book: "Call Me Captain, A Memoir of a Woman at Sea.", Sailing Through Menopause: Crisis Turned Adventure, Sailboat Repairs For The Mechanically Impaired, Sailing the Coconut Milk Run -- Minus The Husband, The Marine Life Of Tropical Pacific Islands And Atolls, Sailing the Hawaiian Islands, Palmyra Atoll, A Unique National Wildlife Refuge, Papahanaumokuakea National Marine Monument -- also known as Hawaii's Northwest Chain, Counting Albatrosses On Midway Atoll.

Slide shows for each of these topics and can combine some. Author of 6 additional books. Marine biologist. See for more information. Requests reimbursement for travel.

Chicago, IL

Boating safety, required boating equipment, navigation and navigation history, maritime history - Lake Michigan - Chicago.

Officer, U.S. Coast Guard, navigation course instructor, member of Chicago Maritime Society. May need reimbursement.

Winthrop Harbor, IL Safety, marine law enforcement.
New Orleans, LA

Medical emergencies at sea, hypothermia, hyperthermia.

Emergency Physician, Touro Infirmary

Lake Charles, LA Boating safety.
Boston, MA Safety, fisheries, law enforcement, defense readiness.
Chatham, MA Cruising - Long Island Sound, boating safety, legal rights and obligations in boating.
Ludlow, MA River power boating, safety and education, boating on the Connecticut River, MA, recently named an American Heritage River, its hazards and beauty.
Quincy, MA

Safety, marine fire protection.

Engineer, Marine Fire Protection

Annapolis, MD

Heavy weather handling, man overboard skills, life raft use, damage control, introduction to electronics, spring preparation for boats, offshore sailing, naval academy sailing, exploring the Antarctic.

May need slide or OH projector, large screen best for Antarctic slides. May need help with expenses. Not available until after January 2014.

Annapolis, MD Safety, repair & maintenance, marine surveying, buying a new or used boat, navigation and coastal piloting: Long courses only.
Benedict, MD

Towing salvage, boating safety, diving.

TowBoatU.S.,Cobb Island, Goldcoast Charters, Vessel Delivery Captain, Retired Marine Police Officer, Commercial Diver.

Capt. John McDevitt Grasonville , MD

Marine and AAS Fire Protection, Marine Electricity - Certified ABYC Marine Electrician and Master Technician, Marine Surveyor (SAMS) specializing in Marine Electrical surveys, Boating Safety. USCG Licensed Captain 100 Tons. Geographic Experience Maine to Florida Keys, AICWW, Bahamas, Chesapeake Bay, Great Lakes, New York Canal System, Inland Rivers: Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, Tom-Bigbee, Gulf of Mexico, GICWW, Okeechobee Waterway. Speaker at industry events, author of many articles, industry and recreational boating teacher. Has handouts. May need projector for presentation.

Middle River, MD What the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary can do for you, boating safely, leadership and management. May need reimbursement.
Pasadena, MD

Towing and salvage, boating safety education.

TowBoatU.S. Middle River / Towboat Desperado

Solomons, MD

Towing, safety, salvage, getting help on the water.

Former TowBoatU.S. Tower

Solomons, MD

Surveying and history of surveying, safe boat operation, maintenance solutions.

Summers in Massachusetts.

Southfield, MI Safe boating and seamanship, vessel exam program, safety at sea, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.
Suttons Bay, MI

Safety, Schooner "Inland Seas", The Science Ship, Inland Seas Education Association (ISEA), Great Lakes Ecology - Environment.

Donations Accepted. USCG Licensed Captain.

Backus, MN Sailing, cruising, power or sail, navigation, safety, Bahamas, ICW provisioning, preparing for a short blue water crossing.
Lake Ozark, MO

Boating safety, boat handling, equipment to keep on your boat, emergency assistance towing, towing vs. salvage.

TowBoatU.S. Lake Ozark, MO, Tower, Boat Handling Instructor, Boating Safety Instructor for USCG Auxiliary, USCG Retired.

Webster, MO Inland and International Rules of the Road. Maritime / Boating Safety Author: “Mariner’s Guide to the Inland Rules” and soon to be released: “Mariner’s Guide to the Inland and International Rules”- Licensed Captain and Instructor. Professional Trainer, The River School, Inc. Reimbursement Requested.
Vicksburg, MS Boating and swimming safety. Member of a variety of councils.
Fargo, ND Boating safety and operation: safe vessel operation, understanding the aids to navigation, misc. boating safety topics, US Coast Guard Auxiliary.
Little Egg Harbor, NJ

1. Surviving a Vessel Safety Check. What do you need on board to comply with the Coast Guard vessel safety requirements. What additional items should you have on board, such as first aid kit?
2. Proper VHF marine radio use and associated marine channels .Certified USPS and USCG Auxiliary vessel safety inspector. Can do slide show with Powerpoint and handouts if desired.

Matawan, NJ Cruising on Long Island Sound to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, MA, boating safety, weather, navigation, anchoring, marlinspike, boat handling and etiquette, all about the USPS Sailing Course.
Moorestown, NJ

Boat handling, safety, anchoring, cruising, electronics, proper equipment, navigation and making boating fun!

Has handouts. Offers beginner/ intermediate and advanced seminars, 90-120 minutes. Needs advance notice for May, June and July . May need OH projector, screen, Power-point projector, large white board, tables/chairs.

Somers Pt., NJ Safety, basic boating, safety at sea, surveying a vessel for offshore cruising, preventative maintenance, women & boating, diving safety, boat diving, become certified.
West Trenton, NJ NJ State Marine Law Enforcement, boating laws, boating safety and more. Available in fall/winter for speaking.
Albuquerque, NM

Boating safety, K-12 boat and water safety knowledge. NASBLA 8 - Hour Class.

State Park Boating Ranger.

Bellmore, NY Recreational Boating Safety U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

City Island, NY

Safety, How to Handle Some of the Distress Occurrences that Can Arise During a Boating Season.

TowBoatU.S. City Island

Hamlin, NY Sailing, navigation, cruising safety, Rules of The Road, lights & sound signals, history of US Coast Guard Auxiliary, heavy weather vessel handling, cruising L. Ontario, Virgin Islands, San Francisco Bay.
Honeoye Falls, NY

Marine surveying, boat repair, safe boating, boating accident investigation. Slides.

Marine Surveyor, Bartnett Marine Services, Inc.

New York, NY

Barque Jeanie Johnston, November North Atlantic trip- Newfoundland to Ireland, boating safety, ferry operations, dinner boats, yachts, shipyard & marina operation.

Captain licensed for sail and power since 1960, experienced with East Coast and NY Harbor.

Mentor, OH

Surveying, loss prevention, safety.

Marine Surveyor Great Lakes Marine Service Co, Inc.

North Olmsted, OH Safety equipment and procedures, extensive cruising: Lake Erie, North Carolina coast, Gulf of Mexico, New England, Japan. Expert Witness testimony. Design, construct pres. w/associate. Current electronics/ GPS, 30 yrs Coast Guard service. Slides, Edmund Fitzgerald sinking, Great Lakes Maritime History, Why recreational boaters should be licensed.
Oregon City, OR Cruising, Navigation (Celestial & GPS) and Safety, Using Boats For Humanitarian Service, Cruising The Central Pacific-Kiribati Isles, Cruised 5000 mi from FL along Atlantic East Coast through Great Lakes then down MS River, and 2500 mi trip CA to HI in 18' boat. Area: 200 mile range may be possible.
Salem, OR Safety, boating administration/programs, laws and regulations, facilities, marine law enforcement.
Harrisburg, PA

Watercraft security, boating safety, rules of the road.

USCG Auxiliary Instructor, PA Fish and Boat Commission Instructor.

Charleston, SC Safety, boat maintenance, marine surveying
Greenville, SC Marine Safety
Nashville, TN Cruising inland waters; Cumberland, Tennessee Rivers, Tenn-Tom, waterway boat handling and delivery, marine safety and law, locks and dams. Appeared in boating accident lawsuits. Licensed Captain and Attorney.
Houston, TX

Safety, search & rescue, use of VHF radios, equipping boat for safety, what to do in an emergency.

Member USCG Auxiliary

Roanoke, VA Cruising the Intracoastal Waterway, boating safety, VA State Boating Education Program
Virginia Beach, VA

Boating safety, review the list of equipment needed to earn the Coast Guard Auxiliary Safety Decal.

USCG Auxiliary Instructor, Commander, Virginia Beach Coast Guard Auxiliary, Chesapeake Bay Boater and Fisherman, Watch Stander - Coast Guard Station Little Creek.

Williamsburg, VA Latest safety equipment, safe boating operation, safety checks, LORAN, piloting, commercial fishing, search & rescue. USCG Auxiliary Member, U.S. Power Squadron Commander.
Kenosha, WI

Yacht surveying, boat design, life raft usage, boarding, care, safety at sea, winterizing, sailing.

Teacher, Retired Naval Officer, Naval Architect. Winters in WI, Summers in FL.