Marine Business, Marine Law, Crime Prevention, Personal Safety, Canadian Boating Regs, National Security, Anti-Drug Programs
Speaker Location Specific Topics
Hot Springs, AZ
Boating Safety, (Charlesworth is Garland Co. Deputy Sheriff Marine Patrol Supervisor)
Gary Martin Pollock Pines, CA

Marine and Maritime Forensic Expert who has been involved in many high profile cases of boat collisions, fires, sinking, water-ski and Personal Watercraft incidents as well as international Death on The High Seas cases.

Some of the topics can be somewhat graphic, but will also be extremely educational. The topics are intended to instill in the attendees, the need for pre-planning, safety and survival during boating or sailing excursions.

Believes and subscribes to the following: The term Accident is inappropriate to the majority of disasters at sea because rarely do they occur by chance or without apparent cause. Instead, they are the result of negligence or disregard of the premonitory warning signs through casualness, or poor operating procedures.

Essentials of Sea Survival.

Available in the Sacramento and Lake Tahoe areas.

Gery Hassen San Diego, CA

Crime prevention, personal safety, fraud and forgery, auto theft.

Officer Ed Henry San Diego, CA

Boating Laws, Boating Safety, Boating Accidents.

San Diego Police - Harbor Unit Officer. Not available in summer months.

Lt. Jason Ryan Peyton, CO

USCG Search and Rescue. GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System), Digital Selective Calling (DSC). Homeland Security, US Northern Command- homeland defense, law enforcement, sea stories, Maritime Counter drug Operations.

U.S. Coast Guard SAR Mission Coordinator. Slides and handouts

Joseph Skibek Beacon Falls, CT

General overview of Weapons of Mass Destruction. LSU certified trainer, DARE kids anti-drug program, airport operations - security in Post 9-11 era, police misconduct investigations, senior citizen assistance.

State Police Sergeant

Nick Nicholson Edgewater, FL

Boating safety rules and habits, law requirements and restrictions, basic sailing, boating safety, trailering, marlinspike, seamanship, navigation rules, piloting, weather, search & rescue, US Coast Guard, USCG Auxiliary: Past, Present and Future

Mike Pennekamp Miami, FL

Admiralty and Maritime Law: for example, liability, cargo loss, personal injury.

Has experience as a power boater and diver.

Jonathan Skipp Miami, FL

Maritime Attorney, marine insurance policies and claims, maritime states law

Joel Aberbach Miami Beach, FL

Marine radio safety and usage, US Coast Guard Auxiliary, local boating problems, environmental safety, Homeland Security.

Leonard Lesnik N. Palm Beach, FL

Navigation Rules, Aids to Navigation, legal requirements for boaters, boat safety checks, marine environmental protection, patrols for oil spills, abandoned boats and hazards, USCG Auxiliary story

John Merting Pensacola, FL

Maritime Law Considerations for vessel boat owners and operators. Expertise: Admiralty and maritime law, including maritime death, injuries and marine insurance.

W.E. Ted Guy Jr. Stuart, FL

State and Federal Regulations, marine surveying, boatyard relations, Admiralty Law.

US Navy Commander (retired)

Jacob Munch Tampa, FL

Admiralty Law

Atlanta, GA
MSD's and laws, How the equipment works, install standards, maintenance, and odor control- the real reasons why systems stink. American Boat & Yacht Council member. Consultant.
Social Circle, GA
Capt. Bell or staff from GA DNR Wildlife Resources Div, Law Enforcement Section, boating safety, safety equipment and laws. May have staff in parts of GA other than Social Circle.
Winthrop Harbor, IL

Safety, marine law enforcement.

Shreveport, LA

Boating Law, Louisiana Boating Laws, Rules of the Road.

US Power Squadron Member, Attorney

Boston, MA

HMS Titanic, Admiralty and Maritime Law, Laws regarding personal injury. Has sailed to ports of call around the world as a private citizen, a cadet and an officer. Articles in newspapers, magazines, and professional publications.

Delivers legal commentary on A and M Law every Sun. afternoon on Nautical Talk Radio, WATD-FM 95.9. Requires donation to American Cancer Society, travel reimbursement and honorarium.

Boston, MA

Safety, fisheries, law enforcement, defense readiness

Chatham, MA

Cruising - Long Island Sound, boating safety, legal rights and obligations in boating.

Marshfield Hills, MA

Burials at Sea services from Maine to Miami for ash scatterings and full body burials at sea. Captain Brad White (100 GT Master) founded New England Burials at Sea (NEBAS) in 2006 and has quickly become the leader in at sea services for ash scattering and full body burials from Maine to Miami. Using over 28 sea burial certified vessels, NEBAS works direct with clients and with hundreds of funeral homes across America to honor the final wishes of thousands of people who want to be buried at sea. Sharing real life experiences, USCG reqs, EPA laws, state to state regs, gen certifications required as well as funeral home needs. He will share how to become "Sea Burial Certified", what works best in print, radio and TV marketing / Advertising as well as proper protocol for the perfect Sea Tribute.

One hour includes: PowerPoint pres, audio, video, handouts and more avail. Speaker Captains may vary by region.

Annapolis, MD

Marine Law

Baltimore, MD

Recreational boating law, Clean Marina Program, vessel repair disputes.

Baltimore, MD

Admiralty Law, recreational, small boat law, limits of liability.

Kensington, MD

Admiralty Law, Salvage and Limitation of Liability, Underwater Archeology, SHIP - Submerged Historical Inventory Project of IMH.

The Institute of Maritime History is a tax -exempt, non-profit corp. dedicated to preserving and documenting archeological remains that pertain to maritime history.

Detroit, MI

Recreational boating and law, maritime law, products liability. Area to cover: 50 mile radius.

Detroit, MI

Recreational boating, maritime law, products liability.

Webster, MO

Inland and International Rules of the Road. Maritime / Boating Safety. Author: "Mariner's Guide to the Inland Rules", and soon to be released: "Mariner's Guide to the Inland and International Rules".

Licensed Captain and Instructor. Professional Trainer, The River School, Inc. Reimbursement Requested.

West Trenton, NJ

NJ State Marine Law Enforcement, boating laws, boating safety and more. Available in fall/winter for speaking.

Reno, NV

Boating law. Nevada State Boating Law Administrator.

Coram, NY

Admiralty and Maritime Law

New York, NY

Attorney, legal expert, Maritime and Admiralty Law, salvage, insurance, collisions & strandings of large vessels.

Skaneateles, NY

NY State Boating Rules, launching, trailering, equipment, legal requirements.

Smithtown, NY

Oceanography, anti-submarine warfare, studying the environment, sea shells, USCG Auxiliary, Auxiliary's role in mission safety.

Columbus, OH

A Marina in your Community, Coastal Business, Economics of Recreational Boating, Economics of Sportfishing, Economics of Tourism, Economics of the Environment.

Salem, OR

Safety, boating administration/programs, laws and regulations, facilities, marine law enforcement.

Nashville, TN

Cruising inland waters; Cumberland, Tennessee Rivers, Tenn-Tom waterway, boat handling & delivery, marine safety and law, locks and dams.

Appeared in boating accident lawsuits. Licensed Captain and Attorney.

Austin, TX

Texas Navy, law of the sea, Admiralty Law.

Attorney, Legal Research and Data.

Tyler, TX

Opportunities to use boats to develop business goodwill and maximize income tax deductions. Tax planning for charter boat owners, tax guide for business yachtsmen.

Arlington, VA

What the courts say about the navigation rules as applied to recreational boaters. Captain, U.S. Navy (Retired).

Arlington, VA

Warranty Law and Consumer Rights. Federal Warranty Law (Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act), State Uniform Commercial Code (Warranty law), Virginia Consumer Protection Act, Fraud and Consumer Rights.

Consumer Attorney, Arlington, VA

Gig Harbor, WA

Author: Boatowner's Legal and Financial Advisor. Publisher: The Conflict Management Letter. Talk: Successfully Navigating a Coast Guard Boarding.

Racine, WI

Attorney: mortgages, liens, salvage.