Marine Engines, Electrical Systems, MSD's, Electric Boats, Watermaking Equipment
Speaker Location Specific Topics
John Napurano Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Inboard engine maintenance to include fuel, hoses, piping, and other down to earth tips, fuel, cleaning.

Capt. Larry Dukehart Islamorada, FL

Repair, Fiberglass repair, Outfitting A Vessel, Diesel Engines, Gelcoat Blistering, Sportfishing, Safety

Ken Matthews Lantana, FL

Electric propulsion, environmental impact, related fuel issues, electric boating history.

Electric Boat Association for the Americas (EBAA), Executive Director, President and Founder. Reimbursement requested.

Capt. Michael Ammons Long Boat Key, FL

Marine Engines & Systems - emergency repairs to get home, The “SOB” Story - Spares On Board.

TowBoatU.S. Sarasota

Capt. Charles Johnson St. Petersburg, FL

Installation of inverter/charger systems, upgrading the electrical systems of an older boat, designing and installing electrical systems and protection devices.

Professional engineer,100 Ton Master, Retired Naval engineer, ABYC marine electrician, amateur radio operator. May need reimbursement.

Peggie Hall Little Rock, AR

MSD's and its laws, how the equip works, install standards, maintenance, and odor control -the real reasons why systems stink. ABYC member, consultant. City of Little Rock only, weekends only, plus Atlanta, GA area. Author of "Get Rid of Boat Odors - A Guide to Marine Sanitation Systems and Other Sources of Aggravation and Odor".

Plymouth, MA

Introduction to the Prop Scan propeller technology. A light and amusing but informative look at what actually drives your boat. Improving the performance of your boat, elimination of propeller induced vibration, and making your boating experience more enjoyable. Benchmark Propellers, Inc., Plymouth, MA

Ft. Washington, MD

Galvanic/electrolytic corrosion, electrical safety, cathodic protection, anodes, portable water systems, diesel-fired heaters, marine services.

Capt. John McDevitt Grasonville , MD

Marine and AAS Fire Protection, Marine Electricity - Certified ABYC Marine Electrician and Master Technician, Marine Surveyor (SAMS) specializing in Marine Electrical surveys, Boating Safety. USCG Licensed Captain 100 Tons. Geographic Experience Maine to Florida Keys, AICWW, Bahamas, Chesapeake Bay, Great Lakes, New York Canal System, Inland Rivers: Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, Tom-Bigbee, Gulf of Mexico, GICWW, Okeechobee Waterway. Speaker at industry events, author of many articles, industry and recreational boating teacher. Has handouts. May need projector for presentation.

Kensington, MD

Diesel engines: tune up and maintenance, winterizing, care and feeding, fuel systems, overhaul to installation.

Stevensville, MD

Boat propellers. Expertise: inboard boat propellers

Mt. Clemens, MI

Engine maintenance, installation, repair, marine propulsion, gas, diesel, stern drive, weather.

Port Huron, MI

Marine surveying, surveying pleasure boats, U.S. Naval Sea Cadets, arson investigation(marine), engine maintenance.

Vienna, VA

Marine weather, forecasting, off-shore navigation, US Naval Academy, "E" Qualification, electrical systems, electronics.

Deer Harbor, WA

Aquamarine Business President & CEO. Watermaking equipment for large or small vessels, hotels. Reverse osmosis watermaking - makes undrinkable water drinkable. May be able to bring samples of equipment.