Main Topic: Boat Buying and Selling, Donating a Boat, Charities
Speaker Location Specific Topics
Capt. Mike Whitehead Costa Mesa, CA Boat purchasing, deliveries.
Capt. Rex H. Levi Malibu, CA Donating a yacht for a charitable annuity cash flow.
Bruce Martens San Rafael, CA Boat buying and selling.
Neal Doten Redwood City, CA

- Cruising the California coast
- Cruising the Pacific coast of Mexico
- Cruising the Pacific coast of Central America to Panama
- Boat preparation for cruising (power or sail)
- Coastal navigation training
- Boat search and acquisition (power or sail)

Slides and handouts available, AV equipment available. San Francisco Bay area and California

Doten Consulting Ltd,

Capt. Charles Kanter Boynton Beach, FL

Catamarans - Choosing a Cruising Catamaran. 1500 boats known from the bilges up. Learn the virtues and vices.
Surveying - who, what, where, when? Some pre-survey self help.
Anchoring, hurricane survival and lots of tips and techniques.

Author: Cruising Catamaran Communique, magazine contributor, over 100K miles of cruising experience. 30 years experience with Dunedin Canvas Works. Please offer two months notice.

WL Knowles Stuart, FL Finding the right boat for you.
Veronica Lawson Naples, FL

Claims adjusting, marine surveying-the pitfalls for boaters, purchasing vessels, safety aboard. Fee requested.

Scott Sky Smith Ankeny, IA How To Select and Buy Your Next Boat - Find your “Inner Captain”, calculate cost of operation, insurance and maintained, operator requirements.
Capt. Gale Browning Annapolis, MD Factors to consider when buying a boat.
Ted Greenfield Stevensville, MD Sailboat Purchasing: First time buyer or serious cruiser? Sailing with kids or single handling? What do you really need in a boat and how to match your needs with the price.
Jim Coburn Macomb, MI How to prepare for the boat buying process and loan process and how they work, how to buy boats for your club, how to finance a boating business of your dreams, financing for individuals, boating clubs and consumer/trade associations, boat, RV, powersports loans of all sizes. Consultant with Coburn & Associates. Travel reimbursement requested when outside Detroit.
Christine Crawford Burbank, OH Buying your first sailboat.
Mark McAllister Corpus Christi, TX How to choose a boat/elements of design.
Steve Zimmerman Cardinal, VA

Boat Buying, Selling Your Boat, Donating a Boat, Charities

* 10 Things Every Boat Owner or Buyer Should Know About How Boats Are Built
* How To Buy A Used Boat, As Told By The Boatyard .

Can travel VA and MD. Slide and handouts.