is the BoatUS Marine Insurance & Damage Avoidance Report. As part of the BoatUS Damage Avoidance Program, Seaworthy looks at real insurance claims to discover how they might have been prevented. Our goal is to help you enjoy accident free boating.
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Timely Topics

Thumbnail photo of a boat fire
Boat Fires

Understanding where, when and how most fires start on inboard and inboard/outboard (I/O or sterndrive) boats is the first step in reducing the risk of an onboard fire.

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Thumbnail photo of a sinking powerboat in winter
Boat Winterizing Basics

Boat winterizing means storing your boat properly, making sure engines and drives are protected, and making the plumbing freeze-proof.

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Thumbnail photo of hydraulic steering fluid
Marine Lubricants

The array of marine engine and drive lubricants, oils, sprays, and fuel treatments can be intimidating. Here's what to use and where to use it.

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