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to BoatUS - Professional Captain Service Locator

BoatUS has established a delivery captain referral service to make it easier to find reliable people with the knowledge and skill to safely operate your boat when you can’t.

Although BoatUS does not endorse or guarantee the performance of the delivery captains on our list, we have verified that they all have passed the rigorous testing required to obtain a captain’s license from the US Coast Guard.

If you hire a captain from this list, we'd like to hear from you! Please e-mail your impressions, good or bad, to CaptFeedback@BoatUS.com.

NOTE: BoatUS provides the Professional Captains Locator Service as a free directory of potential contacts and it is not an endorsement of the listed Captains. BoatUS cannot warrant the quality of the services or guarantee safe passage, should you select one of these Captains for any purpose.

BoatU.S. is not currently accepting applications to the Captain Locator Listing.