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B.A.S.S. Elite Pro Britt Myers Broke Down, Now Brags About BoatUS Angler

Photo Caption: After a breakdown last Tuesday on Wheeler Lake, Bassmaster Elite Series pro Britt Myers was able to get off the water safely thanks to his BoatUSAngler membership keychain tag and help from TowBoatUS. Photo Credit: Alan McGuckin.
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WHEELER LAKE, Tenn., June 20, 2011 – Mechanically inclined Bassmaster Elite Series pro Britt Myers is a good-mood kind of guy who loves to tell a story and leave you searching for the truth between the lines of his good-natured tales as he walks away laughing. 

However, there was nothing funny about the fact that the good-hearted fifth year Elite Series pro found himself alone in a predicament he couldn’t fix last Tuesday night while practicing for the Bassmaster Elite Series event on Wheeler Lake. Worse yet, darkness was creeping over long stretches of the Tennessee River, and Myers was a long way from the boat ramp.
“I fished until the sun went down, and when it was time to come back to the ramp, I had serious outboard issues. I thought about calling my buddy Gerald Swindle, but it would have taken him well over an hour to get to me and, honestly, towing one bass boat with another places a serious strain on the outboard that’s doing the towing, which may have in turn hurt Gerald’s engine. I was a long way from the ramp. It was getting dark. And I was getting really uptight,” said Myers.
“Amid my slight panic, thank goodness, I remembered that I had joined BoatUS Angler earlier this year. Having never used their services, as I sat in the middle of the Tennessee River, I thought that calling them might be a long shot, and that it would probably take hours before somebody would come to get me, but I dialed the toll-free number on the membership tag they give for a keychain when you sign-up, and sure enough, tow boat Captain Russ Hudson said he’d be there to get me in 20 minutes, and sure enough he was. It was unbelievable,” exclaimed Myers.
“He towed me in at about eight miles per hour, versus a bass boat that could have only towed me at three miles per hour. That helped cut my time in half in getting back to my trailer so that I could then head to Decatur where our Elite Series outboard service tech “Scotty B.” graciously met me at 10:30 p.m., and fixed my problem,” said Myers, who has owned and operated a very successful truck and auto accessory store called CS Motorsports in Gastonia, NC for the past 19 years.
“When I bought my BoatUS Angler membership, I paid $72 to get both the Unlimited on-the-road and on-the-water towing benefits, which in turn allowed me to sign-up for their Weigh-to-Win cash tournament bonus program.” Myers continued, “Captain Hudson said his towing services would have cost me $400 without my membership to BoatUS Angler. Plus, I cashed-in on some Weigh-to-Win bonus money at the Bassmaster Southern Open this year. If you fish a lot of tournaments, you’d be crazy not to sign up. If they sold a lifetime membership, I’d buy one.”
Getting a BoatUS Angler membership with on-the-water or on-the road towing and signing-up for their Weigh-to-Win program like Britt did, is easy. Memberships are as affordable as $38. Just dial (918) 742-6424 and ask for Kendell. She’ll make sure you’re registered.
About BoatUS Angler:
BoatUS Angler, a membership program from the nation’s largest association of recreational boaters, BoatUS, offers boat-owning fishermen services such as on-the-water breakdown and towing assistance provided by the largest fleet of towboats in North America, roadside boat trailer and tow vehicle assistance through 18,000 specialized towing companies, and fishing boat insurance that has the right coverage for anglers. BoatUS is also the nation’s advocate for recreational boaters and anglers on Capitol Hill and its non-profit BoatUS Foundation is a national leader promoting safe, clean and responsible boating. Visit for more.