Meet The BoatUS Crew!

Margaret Podlich, President BoatUS
Margaret Podlich
President, BoatUS

Adam Wheeler, VP and Director of BoatUS Towing Services
Adam Wheeler
VP and Director of Towing

John Condon, AVP, Towing Operations
John Condon
AVP, Towing Operations

Heather Lougheed, VP BoatUS Membership
Heather Lougheed
VP, Membership

Leigh Ann Grow AVP, Membership Services
Leigh Ann Grow
AVP, Membership Services

Susan Clark, Membership Operations Manager
Susan Clark
Membership Operations Manager

Dennis Rosen, Membership Data & Systems Manager
Dennis Rosen
Membership Data & Systems Manager

Dina Murray, Membership Programs Manager
Dina Murray
Membership Programs Manager

David Mann, BoatUS Boating and Fishing Discount Center Manager
David Mann
Boating & Fishing Discount Center Manager

David Kennedy
Senior Program Coordinator, Government Affairs


BoatUS Employees