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BWI Awards
February 2013

A Thoroughly Impractical Guide For Going To Sea

By Chris Landers

A two-week tour on a square-rigger ends up lasting five years.

Man Versus Machine

By Lenny Rudow

Are humans still the most intelligent entity on a boat?

God Bless The Walleye

By Pat Piper

Spiritual and political connections to the silvery-brown fish.

The Arms Race Against Invasives

By Mike Vatalaro

Fighting invaders with natural solutions.

Dreaming Of A Dock On The Bay

By Ann Dermody

Could this be the best time ever to buy a slip?

Is Copper Bottom Paint Sinking?

By Ryck Lydecker

Will more states follow Washington’s ban?

May Day, May Day? No Way!

By Ryck Lydecker

A false distress call can quickly lead to mayhem.

How I Met Your Mother

By Tom Neale

A chance encounter leads to a lifetime of happiness on the water.