Capt. Steve Chaconas shows you how to make your own Chatter Wacky fishing lure.

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Chatter Wacky

by Capt. Steve Chaconas, BoatUS ANGLER Pro Staff

It wasn't enough that there are bunch of chatterbait knock offs on the market. The original is pretty good, the rest are pretty good. Most are very similar. Some have holes in the blade, others have a different shaped blade. The Rock N Runner is a horsy headed bait with a fixed willow blade beneath the head.

My problem? I wanted a heavier one! I wanted a 1/2 ounce bait to run deeper and contact grass and other deeper cover! After experimenting with some old spinnerbaits, I found I could cut the wire of the spinnerbait and use a chatterbait blade and I got what I wanted. But, I liked the small willow blade from the Rock N Runner. So I attached one and found that it made the bait kick off to one side at random! This triggered strikes! This bait is awesome. I am not going to sell it to you, but I will give you the list of materials and instructions to make your own!

First, get a Jann's Netcraft catalog, 1-800-NETCRAFT, or go on line


  • 1/2 ounce spinnerbait frame - heavy wire with a Mustad Ultra Point Hook! 325410
  • Shaker Swim Blade 330632
  • Shaker Blade Die Cut 309056 GOLD (027)
  • interlock snaps 002472 size 2
  • #3 willow blade 320383 Hammered brass (101)
  • Ball Bearing Swivel w/ring 305349 (SIZE 1)
  • Turboflare 5 inch skirts I like Cumberland Craw (312)


Creating a Chatter Wacky lure, step 1

Put the gold die cut sticker on the shaker blade and attach a snap.


Creating a Chatter Wacky lure, step 2

Cut the spinnerbait wire and bend the wire.


Creating a Chatter Wacky lure, step 3

Before you close the wire, slide the shaker blade on and then finish twisting the wire to secure it.


Creating a Chatter Wacky lure, step 4

At this point take the head and dip into Jann's Netcraft powdercoat...I like 381100 Brown. Let cool, paint eyes. Then attach the willow to the swivel and then to the lure, below the shaker blade.

Attach a skirt and a Mann's HardNose 6 inch Jerkbait in Ark. Shiner...cast and retrieve just over the grass, taking care to contact the grass...on a 6'6" med/heavy rod and fast reel! I use mono, but you might try fluorocarbon. When the bait contacts cover, snap it free. When it kicks off to the side, a bit of slack and another snap will get it back on track.


Good luck! This is a killer bait!

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