Muddy Water Bassing

The rain from two weeks ago made last week even tougher. Water was very muddy everywhere. The best bite came at the lower tides as fish were positioned on grass edges. At the lowest tide, Mann’s Baby 1-Minus produced most of the fish last week, working the visible edges over and around scattered grass. Until the water got very high, leaned over milfoil grass gave fish cover just under the surface and twitching hollow Mann’s Super Frogs on 60 pound braid brought bass out of hiding. Strong, long rods enabled long casts and provided the torque to pull them out of the thick grass.

It was an interesting week. One trip brought a sales rep opting for a fishing trip for client entertainment over golf! They discussed business and worked on their client/customer relationship. Fishing is a great way to build relationships! No distractions! No special shirts, or shoes required! No equipment required. Two men become boys when they step into my boat. Sharing success, finding common ground. This guy is going to make the sale! Then it was a couple of my regular clients, time to catch up and catch a few fish. But it is always the father son trips that make this job interesting. Dad was aware that his son was interested in fishing, and dad had very little experience. But he was a trooper and learned right along with his 10 year old. It was interesting to engage the youngster in conversation and listening to his fishing stories. I think Dad enjoyed listening to the conversation too! All in all fishing affords the time to build relationships, business or personal, it’s all good!

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Until next time,
see you on the water.
I'm gone fishing.

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