Ladies First

Last week’s early morning high tides created an opportunity to use square bill crankbaits. I like the Mann's Baby X. Fat body and loud rattles add to the effectiveness. The trick was to make long casts and to keep the rod tip up to barely allow the lure to touch the top of the submerged hydrilla carpet! When feeling for the grass, a pause allowed the lure to float up and trigger strikes. But catching the grass and an upward snap to release the lure from the grass also worked, sometimes better!

For the last few years, Field & Stream Magazine has conducted a drawing to award a fishing trip with me as part of a celebration for those committed to outdoors conservation. They have a lot of great prizes, including a Toyota truck.

The luck of the draw brought the Pastors out with me. Vinece is an executive with Walgreens Drug stores. She is a really cool lady! We had some great corporate conversation. I call her a corporate gunslinger; she is a very successful executive who has an extensive resume and the experience to make her one of a kind in the business world! She was recently lured away from her previous employer.

Vience Pastor with her bass catch

Vinece picked up on the casting rather quickly. It didn't take her long to develop a feel for the lure diving into the very thick hydrilla about 2 feet below the surface. She then caught a few fish with this very advanced technique. Her hubby did well too! Another reminder that fishing is more than just catching fish. It’s a great way for couples to explore something new together. In my case, guiding presents the opportunity to meet some really great people! And, by the way, women are better students!

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Until next time,
see you on the water.

I’m gone fishing.

Capt. Steve Chaconas

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