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A Classic On Top:
 Several years ago, at a fishing expo, I passed a booth where a video showed a topwater plug I had used as a kid, but hadn’t seen in decades. I talked to the owner who was very enthusiastic about his single lure lineup! He handed me a couple and I packed them away, forgetting about the lure and where I had stashed them. During one of my off-season clean ups, I found the missing lures. They were the Hubs Chub. For giggles, I put one in my boat. After a few months, I saw it in my topwater box and decided to give it a whirl. I loved the way it walked, spit, rattled and churned up the water. Apparently so did the bass! I was amazed at  how this old fashioned lure was met with such ferocity! Bass killed it! If they missed, they’d come back! And back again … Read More


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