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Made Better By a Knucklehead Like Me:
I do a sweepstakes every year with BoatUS ANGLER, and believe it or not, I actually take it serious. Look, I’m not the smartest crayon in the box, but I’m wise enough to realize that while I’m fortunate to fish all the time, to the person that wins that trip, there’s a real good chance they only get to fish a few times a year, and it’s likely they’ve never caught a boatload of big smallmouth That said, it’s a big deal to the sweepstakes winner. And in turn, it’s a big deal to me. We’ve had three different sweepstakes winners now, and it’s kind of amazing how a random process sends such differing personalities and people to catch smallmouth with me. The most recent winner was a guy from Kentucky named Steven “The Vacuum” … Read More


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